We’re upgrading our network.

There will be a network upgrade in your area with Vodafone redirecting capacity from some of our 3G frequency into a 4G frequency. We’ve noticed that you’re using an older 3G mobile phone that will no longer be compatible with our upgraded network.

This means you won’t be able to make or receive calls or text messages with your current device in certain areas after the network upgrade. You’ll need to change to a compatible device for full service on the Vodafone network.

Why will my device become incompatible?

Vodafone is redirecting capacity from some of our 3G frequency into a 4G frequency. This is in order to improve overall network performance for our Vodafone customers.

Our 4G network offers improved call quality and faster data speeds, covering over 23 million Australians. Our 4G coverage is available in all major metro locations and selected regional areas across Australia. You can use our coverage checker to find out where our 4G network is available.

Your current device will become incompatible following the network upgrade because it is not 4G compatible and it uses a particular 3G frequency that will no longer be available.

Additional information

Our 3G network, 4G network and your device.

Our network operates on different frequencies. Mobile devices also operate on different frequencies. In various areas we’re converting our 3G 2100 band to a 4G 2100 band.

If you are not sure how this may impact you and your device, head to our coverage checker, and enter your device and area.

Devices that weren’t originally purchased from Vodafone may not be listed in our coverage checker, particularly devices bought overseas.

You may need to check with your point of purchase regarding the particular network frequencies your device supports.

Can I keep my number when upgrading my device?

Yes. Upgrading your device won't impact your existing mobile number.

However, your current SIM may not work or fit in your new device. If required, you can request a new SIM card when you upgrade your plan or device online. You can also get a free replacement SIM card in store.

What should I do with my old device once I upgrade?

We encourage you to recycle your old device securely and responsibly by dropping it in a Mobile Muster Bin at your nearest Vodafone store. Head to our stores page to find your nearest Vodafone store.

Can I transfer my contacts to a new phone?

You may be able to transfer your contacts depending on where your contacts are saved. Some devices store contacts in the SIM card, device or both.

How can I learn to use my new mobile phone?

You can visit the mobile manufacturer's website for tips on setting up your new mobile phone, alternatively you can visit a nearest Vodafone store for assistance. Head to our stores page to find your nearest store.

If I’m on a plan, will I continue to be billed if I don’t upgrade my device?

Yes. You will continue to be billed for your plan if you don't upgrade your device.

Will I have any service once the network is upgraded?

While some devices may able to access data, all incompatible devices will be unable to make or receive calls following the network upgrade. It's important to note you will not be able to access emergency services numbers including 000 if you do not upgrade to a compatible device.