Disconnected numbers.

If your service gets disconnected, the mobile number will go into quarantine for 6 months. While in quarantine, you will no longer hold Rights of Use for the number and it can’t be assigned to anyone else.

If your number was allocated to you by Vodafone, once the quarantine period has finished it will be available for us to reissue. If it was originally allocated to you by another provider, the number will be returned to your old provider at the end of the quarantine period so it can be reissued.

If you disconnected the number due to harassment, your old number will spend 12 months in quarantine before it can be reissued.

How to reconnect a disconnected number.

If you were the previous Rights of Use holder of a disconnected number, we may be able to reconnect the number for you.

Additional information.

Why was my number disconnected?

Your number will be disconnected and put into quarantine if you:
• Change your number.
• Have a prepaid service and you don’t recharge for 395 days since the last time you recharged.
• Have a postpaid service and your bill is overdue. We will then follow our collections process.