Data Add-ons for your plan.

This support article will give you key information about our Data Add-ons. Data Add-ons are great for getting extra data for your Red or SIM Only Plan each month. They’re not available if you’re on a Plus Plan.

How to get a Data Add-on.

The best way to get a Data Add-on for your Red or SIM Only Plan is through My Vodafone.

Additional information.

Are Data Add-ons shareable?

Yes. If you’re sharing your data with other plans, the Data Add-on will be added to your combined pool of shareable data.

How will I be charged for cancelling my Data Add-on?

As Data Add-ons are charged one month in advance, it will not be removed from your plan until the end of your current billing period, so you will be able to continue using until then.

If you’re cancelling a legacy 12 month Data Add-on, an Early Termination Fee may apply.

How will I be charged if I use all of my Data Add-on?

If you use all of your plan’s data and the data from the Add-on, we’ll add 1GB data for $10. For more information, check out our automatic additional data support page.

Does my Add-on’s unused data roll over?

No. Unused data expires at the end of your billing cycle.

What happens if I change my Data Add-on part way through the month?

If you change your Data Add-on part way through your billing cycle, you’ll be charged the full cost of both the old Add-on and the new one for the month. However, you’ll have both Add-ons available to use until the old Add-on is removed at the end of the billing cycle.

Can I use Data Add-ons with international roaming?

You can use Data Add-ons with $5 Roaming, but they can’t be used with Pay As You Go Roaming.