What are Mobile Payment Plans?

With our Mobile Payment Plans, if you’re eligible, you can pay off a new phone or modem in instalments over 12, 24 or 36 months interest free.

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How do I find the remaining balance of my Mobile Payment Plan?

The best way to find the remaining balance on your Mobile Payment Plan is through My Vodafone.

You can also find your remaining balance and what instalment you’re up to in the ‘This bill’ section of your bill.

What happens to my Mobile Payment Plan if I cancel or disconnect the plan it’s attached to?

If you cancel your plan or your plan is disconnected, you will need to pay out the remaining balance of your Mobile Payment Plan.

How do I cancel my Mobile Payment Plan?

You can cancel your Mobile Payment Plan by calling us on 1555. If you cancel your Mobile Payment Plan, the remaining balance will be charged on your next bill.

Can I change the instalment amounts on my Mobile Payment Plan?

No. You can’t change the instalment amounts on your Mobile Payment Plan.

What happens to my Mobile Payment Plan if I change plans?

Mobile Payment Plan instalments are fixed and don’t change if you move to another plan.

Can I purchase multiple devices on one plan?

If you have an eligible plan, you can add an additional eligible device to your current plan by calling us on 1300 300 404 or heading in store.

If you have outstanding payments on your current device, you’ll continue to pay the repayments each month together with the repayments each month of your new device.
Terms and conditions

Mobile Payment Plan (MPP) available for personal use only to approved customers who connect and remain connected to an active and eligible Vodafone Red plan. Early Exit Fee for MPP: 100% of handset cost x months remaining. The outright price of your chosen device (as set by Vodafone at the time of purchase) will be spread in equal instalments over your chosen commitment period (12, 24 or 36 months). Once selected, this commitment period is fixed (unless you elect to pay your total remaining balance in full in one installment). If during your MPP commitment period you cancel your Red Plan, your MPP will also be automatically cancelled and 100% of remaining MPP instalments plus outstanding charges on your voice plan (including Early Exit Fees, if applicable) will be applied to your next bill.