Vodafone Passes for your plan.

This support article will give you key information about Vodafone Passes. Vodafone Passes lets you use your favourite apps as much as you want at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps. With 1.5Mbps you can stream music and standard definition video, make a video call, browse the internet and catch up on social media, however content may be slower to load and is not suitable for high definition video or high speed applications. For more information, check out our speed guide. Some exclusions apply. Calls excluded on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The Passes are available for our Red Plans – you can’t get a Pass if you’re on a Plus Plan or Vodafone Infinite Plan.

You can choose up to 4 Passes per connection including Chat, Social, Music and Video.

How to get a Vodafone Pass.

The best way to get a Vodafone Pass for your Red or SIM Only Plan is through My Vodafone.

Additional information.

Can I still use my Vodafone Pass if I’ve run out of my monthly data allowance?

Yes, if you’ve run out of your inclusive data allowance, you’ll continue to be able to use your Vodafone Passes. However, at that point, any data usage that isn’t included as part of a Vodafone Pass and which is incurred after your 500MB ‘exclusions allowance’ has been used up will be charged at $5 per 1GB.

Can I use voice and video calling on Chat Pass?
Voice and video calling is not available with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and will consume your regular data inclusions.
Are Vodafone Passes shareable?
No. Passes aren’t shareable with another device or with any other services on your account. 
Does Vodafone Pass give me access to the premium subscription services of the app included in that Pass?
No – any subscriptions will need to be set up separately. For example, if you choose the Video Pass, you’ll need to set up and pay for any subscriptions with Netflix, Stan or Amazon Prime Video directly.
How will I be charged for cancelling my Vodafone Pass?
When you remove a Vodafone Pass, it will be cancelled and removed within around 15 minutes. You will still be charged the full amount of the Vodafone Pass for the remainder of the billing cycle. You can purchase another Vodafone Pass at any time.
What usage isn’t covered by Vodafone Pass?
With all Vodafone Passes, all usage on the official Apps is data-free, with the exception of a small amount of data, outside Vodafone’s control, that we can’t free-rate. That’s why you also get an extra 500MB of data included with your Pass that you can use on these exclusions. If you use up this 500MB, then further use of the exclusions listed below will be taken out of your plan entitlement (or charged as additional data if your plan data is all used up).
A good example of an exclusion is an ad served up from a third party while streaming a video.
Here is the full list of exclusions:
• All VOIP and video calls via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger • Access while tethering or hot-spotting
• Advertisements and advertisement links that are displayed within apps
• Access to 3rd party apps embedded within Partner Apps (such as Extensions on Facebook like GIPHY
• Analytics
• Authentication
• Album Art and Movie Cover Artwork
• Browsing Video catalogues within apps
• Video clips and lyrics (for Music Pass)
• Apps using features on your device. For example, your calendar may have permission to access data in the background or use location services.
• URLs/External links and navigation to other websites, apps, news, blogs, walls, maps, app stores
• GIFs and GIF library
• Maps and location services
• Podcasts
• RSS feeds
• Software/application updates happening at the same time
• Video and content hosted from other sites that are played in the app
• Non-official or lite versions of the apps produced by third parties or access the providers via a web browser instead of an App
Can I use Vodafone Passes with international roaming?
No – Vodafone Passes are not useable when you’re overseas.
Can I tether or hotspot using a Vodafone Pass?
No. Vodafone Passes are designed for single, personal use on a mobile phone only.