Manage the data pool for your shared plans.

Now that you can share data across all our tablet, mobile broadband and mobile phone Red plans, the whole family can use one pool of data in Australia.

As the account owner, you can decide who is allowed to access this data pool with data control. It’s quick and easy to do this through My Vodafone.

For more information, check out our support article.

Data control is easy to use.

Step 1

Access My Vodafone and click “view data usage”.


Data Control.


Step 2

Click “Access data control” and enter your PIN.


Data Control.


Step 3

Select the service for data control.


Data Control.


Step 4

Toggle on or off.


Data Control.


Step 5

Click “Save” and you’re all done.


Data Control.


Step 6

We’ll notify the service of the change.


Data Control.


Terms and conditions

Vodafone Shared
If you have more than one Vodafone plan that supports sharing on your billing account (up to a maximum of 10) the data allowances on those services will automatically combine into one pool which will be shared between eligible users. Any existing international calling allowances on your account are not shareable with this plan. You can find out which plans support sharing or you can opt-out of sharing altogether at any time by calling 1555.