Standard form of agreement

Vodafone's standard forms of agreement (we call them an SFOA) are the contracts which set out the standard terms and conditions that cover how we supply a mobile telecommunications service to you and how you use it. When you connect to a Vodafone service, one of the SFOAs will apply to you. If you’re a business or corporate customer then you may have signed a different agreement, so check that if you’re looking for the terms and conditions that apply to you.

To help you understand your SFOA, there are also concise, plain English summaries on this page (look for “Summary SFOA”). You can download it from here or if you would like a hard copy of the Summary SFOA please Contact us and provide your contact details or call Customer Care from your mobile on 1555.

To find the right SFOA you will need to know:

  • Whether you are a prepaid or postpaid customer
  • What date you started or renewed your service with us


Are you a postpaid or prepaid customer who started or renewed with us on or after 1 January 2011? Your SFOA is below:


Standard Terms:


Are you a postpaid customer who started or renewed with us after 1 July and 31 December 2010? Your SFOA is below: 


Are you a postpaid customer who started or renewed with us 30 June 2010 or before? Your SFOA is below: 


 Some old stuff we're keeping here - you don't need to read it!


Customers managed through Martin Dawes Pty Limited


Plan Details

See plan details referred to in the Standard Form of Agreement.