Emergency calls

It's important that you can contact emergency services (police, fire and ambulance) should the need arise. So, even outside our coverage area you'll be able to call emergency services using any other available mobile network (your phone will show something similar to 'SOS only' or 'Emergency calls only' when you do). Emergency calls should only be used to request help from an emergency service organisation in a life threatening and/or time critical event.


There are 2 emergency call numbers you can dial from your mobile:

000 within Australia
112 both within and outside Australia

You can use the above numbers to contact emergency service organisations, including police, fire and ambulance. There's more information about emergency calls on the federal government's triple zero website. Check out the Australian Government’s Access Hub if you are hearing or speech impaired.

  • If you dial 112 while you're in a coverage area overseas, you'll be connected to the emergency service for that country

  • In Australia emergency calls to Triple Zero can be made with or without an active SIM in your phone.

  • If your phone does not have access to the Vodafone network you may still be able to make an emergency call on another mobile network, which is why you may see 'Emergency calls only' or similar on the screen.

  • Emergency calls can be made wherever your phone can see any mobile telecommunications network, however if you are travelling in a rural or remote area you should not rely upon your mobile phone to make an emergency call as there may be no mobile telecommunications network available, instead you should have other means of communications such as a satellite phone and for emergencies carry an emergency beacon.

  • When calling an emergency call number, information such as your number, name and service location (where available) will be disclosed to the emergency call person (the operator) and the emergency service organisations, regardless of your caller ID settings.


Location information

In the event of making an emergency call we will supply relevant location information to the emergency call person and the relevant emergency service organisation (police, fire or ambulance) to enable them to corroborate your location. We use a range of technical solutions to do this and they are constantly being reviewed and improved.


What it costs

There is no charge for calls made to emergency services regardless of whether your service is active or inactive.


Other emergency contacts

Police Assistance Line 131 444
This line operates 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You should contact the Police Assistance Line if you are a victim of a crime, other than life threatening or time critical emergency situations. Phoning 131 444 allows you to report crime over the phone.

SES 132 500
You should call the SES if you have experienced damage from storms, wind, hail, or a fallen tree and if a tree branch is threatening your property or a person’s safety.

Crimestoppers 1800 333 000
If you want to share information about a crime or suspicious activity without saying who you are you can report suspected drug labs and dealers, report wanted fugitives, assist in solving arson, thefts and robberies, and apprehend criminals wanted for violent assaults and murders through Crimestoppers.