Direct debit.

This support article will give you key information about paying your bill with direct debit.

How to pay your bill using direct debit.

When you signed up to your plan, automatic direct debit was set up for you. You can manage direct debit through My Vodafone.

Direct debit payments will come out of your bank account or credit/debit card on the due date of your bill.

Additional information.

Are there extra charges if I pay my bill with direct debit?

If you have direct debit set up with your bank account, there are no additional charges.

Direct debit payments by credit/debit card will incur a payment processing fee.

    Fee (ex GST)
MASTERCARD International 2.955%
Credit Standard 0.698%
Debit Standard 0.458%
VISA International 2.981%
Credit Standard 0.448%
Credit Premium 0.957%
Super Premium 1.038%
Debit Standard 0.384%
Debit Premium 0.387%
Diners Club   2%
American Express   2.15%


For further details, please see the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement .

How do I cancel direct debit?

If you want to use another payment method, you’ll need to cancel direct debit through My Vodafone 24 hours before your bill’s next due date.

You can also contact your financial institution at least 5 business days before your next due date. If you cancel your direct debit payment through your financial institution without letting us know or providing us with alternative means of payment, additional charges may apply.

What other payment options do I have?

There are several payments methods you can use to pay your bill. Find out more on our support page for paying your bill.

If I pay part of my bill in advance, will I still be debited for the full amount on the bill?

No. If you pay part of your bill in advance, you will only be debited for the outstanding balance of your account. This balance takes into account any payments processed up to 24 hours prior to when your direct debit is processed.

What happens if my direct debit payment is unsuccessful?

If a direct debit is unsuccessful, we will notify you via email. Depending on the reason, your direct debit will be automatically cancelled after one or more unsuccessful payments.

Your direct debit will be automatically cancelled after one unsuccessful payment:
• If the payment details you’ve given us are incorrect.
• If the credit card you’ve given us has expired.
• If the bank account you’ve given us has closed.
• If the transaction is fraudulent.

If the payment was unsuccessful you’ll be notified via email and we will reattempt the payment within 2 business days. If the second payment attempt fails, your direct debit will be cancelled and you will be notified via email.

What should I do if my direct debit is cancelled?

If your direct debit is cancelled due to unsuccessful payments, you’ll need to arrange an alternative payment method for your current bill.