Google Play™ and your Vodafone bill.

You can pay for your products purchased through Google Play™ via your Vodafone bill.

This includes products with a one-off payment and products that are charged monthly as a subscription.

If you have any questions about Google Play™ and your Vodafone bill, please call Vodafone customer care on 1300 650 410.

Additional information.

What is Google Play?

Google Play™ is the official app store for Android devices, where you can purchase music, movies, e-books, games and other Android apps.

How do I purchase a product on Google Play™ with Pay with Vodafone?

Follow these steps to purchase a product on Google Play™ with Pay with Vodafone. Pay with Vodafone will then become your default method of purchase on Google Play™.


Wait for your order

Choose the app

Choose the app you want and click on the price

Give us a call

Click on the dropdown

Click on the dropdown arrow next to your payment option.

Wait 3 hours

Click on payment methods

Click on payment methods to see all payment options.


Wait for your order

Click on Use Vodafone billing

Click on Use Vodafone billing to select Pay with Vodafone.

Wait for your order

Click on buy

Click on buy to continue your purchase.

How do I get a refund on a product purchased through Google Play™?

You can get a refund on your Google Play™ purchase within two hours of purchasing the product. To get a refund go to the Google Play™ purchase page, select ‘REFUND’ and confirm by selecting ‘Yes’.

For any other refund requests or enquiries regarding refunds please contact Vodafone customer care on 1300 650 410.

How do I cancel a Google Play™ subscription?

You can cancel your Google Play™ subscription through the Google Play™ store.

If you cancel your Google Play™ subscription, you’ll be subscribed to the product until the end of the month. You can also unsubscribe from a Google Play™ subscription by calling customer care on 1300 650 410.

If I cancel my plan, what happens to my Google Play™ subscription?

If you cancel your plan, in order to keep your subscription, you will need to change your method of payment from Pay with Vodafone in Google Play™ to a different payment method.

Which devices are compatible?

Google Play™ comes installed on Android devices that run Android OS version 2.2 (Froyo) and above. For the full list of compatible devices, go to the google support page.

Is there a purchase limit?

Yes, your monthly Pay with Vodafone purchase limit is $50. This includes all content purchased by Pay with Vodafone, for example $11.99 with Spotify Premium® and $38.01 with Google Play™ in the same month.

If you reach this $50 monthly limit and wish to continue making purchases on Google Play™ you must select another payment method.

Terms & Conditions

To purchase content from the Google Play Store (“Content”) with Vodafone you must (a) be an approved customer on a Vodafone postpaid plan (excluding nbn™ plans) (“Plan”) and (b) use an Android device (“Eligible Customer”). Eligible Customers will be charged for Content on their Vodafone postpaid bill as a once off purchase or a monthly subscription (“Pay with Vodafone”). When you purchase Content you agree to the Pay with Vodafone terms below and at:, and the following terms:

  1. When you register for Google Play, if you are using the Vodafone Network you will have the option of registering your credit card or choosing to buy Content with Pay with Vodafone which you can set as a default setting. You may not have this option if you are connected to WiFi. If you are already registered for Google Play you can amend your account settings to select Pay with Vodafone.
  2. You must be the account-holder for your Pay with Vodafone account in order to purchase Content, each charge will appear on your bill under ‘Content’.
  3. Downloading, uploading or viewing certain Content, including when you register or buy Content, will consume data from your Plan allowance. You will be charged for this data usage at the rate set out in your Plan details. You are responsible for all data costs including overage and any international roaming charges that may apply, please see your Plan details for more information. You can reduce mobile data by usage by using a Wi-Fi connection and syncing content to your device for use offline.
  4. The default monthly spend limit is set at $50. This limit includes all Content that is purchased using Pay with Vodafone, whether the purchase is from Google Play or another content provider.
  5. Your choice of Content is your responsibility. The Content you purchase is not in Vodafone’s control and Vodafone is not responsible for setting the price of Content, nor do we endorse or have any involvement in the operation of Content.
  6. Your use of Content is subject to the terms of your agreement with the provider of that Content. If you have any issues with Content not related to billing you should contact Google Ireland Limited ("Google"): 1800 093 181
  7. For all billing enquiries or opt-out of Pay with Vodafone please contact Vodafone on 1555. If you choose to use Pay with Vodafone it will become your default payment method for purchases on Google Play and you will need to go into your Google Play account settings to change this.
  8. You acknowledge that at any point Vodafone may no longer provide you with access to Google Play by Pay with Vodafone, however you may still be able to buy Content using other payment methods.
  9. Android, Google, the Google logo, Google Play and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. The Android robot is reproduced or modified by work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the creative commons 3.0 Attribution License.

  10. Pay with Vodafone Terms

    By purchasing this product or subscription you understand, acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  11. As a default, Pay with Vodafone billing service (otherwise known as Direct Carrier Billing) is enabled on your postpaid account. When you purchase content or a service from a third party content provider (Content Provider), this charge will appear on your Vodafone bill under the heading ‘Content’ as either:
    • a once-off payment; or
    • if you are purchasing a subscription service it will be added and continue until the end of the billing month in which you cancel your subscription service or cancel your Vodafone plan.
  12. You will not be asked to verify your identity when making an individual purchase or signing up to a subscription based service, so be mindful of others, such as children, using your device.
  13. If you wish to opt-out of paying via Pay with Vodafone or if you have any questions regarding Pay with Vodafone please call us on 1555 from your Vodafone mobile.
  14. If you wish to cancel your content subscription service you should do so in accordance with the cancellation policy contained within the terms and conditions of the Content Provider.
  15. If the purchase of this content results in a combined total monthly content spend in excess of $50 you will not be allowed to be complete the purchase via Pay with Vodafone.
  16. Please contact Vodafone on 1555 for all billing complaints or enquiries.
  17. Your use of the content is subject to the terms and conditions of your agreement with the Content Provider. Please contact the Content Provider if you experience any problems or an issue arises with your use of the content.
  18. Purchases or subscriptions using Pay with Vodafone is permitted by the account holder only.
  19. Listening to music, reading or watching video content over the mobile network will consumer data from your plan’s allowance. You are responsible for all data costs including overage. You can reduce mobile data by listening to music/viewing content on any Wi-Fi connection and syncing content to your device for offline use.