Pay by SMS

Pay by SMS is a secure and easy way to pay your bill each month.

Several days before your bill is due we’ll send you a text message. Just reply ‘Y’ to the text message to pay your bill.

Once you’ve replied ‘Y’, we’ll send you another text message confirming either a successful or unsuccessful payment. If you don’t receive response, give us a call on 1555 from your Vodafone phone.

You’ll need to save your credit card with us. If you don’t have direct debit set up, we’ll send you a text message prompting you to pay online. Once you’ve paid online, you’ll have the option of saving your credit card. If you choose to save your card details, next time you’ll be able to Pay by SMS.

Frequently asked questions

Will anything happen if I don’t reply?

Nothing. You’re in complete control. We won’t do anything, unless you reply ‘Y’ to our SMS. You’ll need to pay your bill by the due date using another payment method.

How to do I set up Pay by SMS?

You don’t need to set up Pay by SMS. We’ll automatically send you an SMS several days before your bill is due. You will however need to have your credit card saved with us.

What if my account is overdue or I have an agreed payment arrangement?

You won’t receive these Pay by SMS text messages while your account remains overdue.

How can I verify that the text message is legitimate?

The numbers that we’ll use to text you are +61 426 307 779, +61 426 307 778, +61 426 307 777, +61 476 857 132, +61 436 026 133 or +61 436 030 375.

How can I view my bill?

You can view your bill through My Vodafone.