What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding can be a great way to handle your incoming calls.

How to manage call forwarding.

The best way to manage call forwarding is through My Vodafone.

You can also manage call forwarding using short dialling codes or GSM codes.

There are different call forwarding options depending if you’re on a plan or on a prepaid service.

Additional information.

GSM codes for managing call forwarding.
Diversion type
All calls
Unconditional diversions
* * 21 * [PHONE NUMBER] #
# 21 #
Confirm current setting
* # 21 #
No answer
Not answered and rings out
* * 61 * [PHONE NUMBER] #
# 61 #
Confirm current setting
* # 61 #
Switched off or out of coverage
* * 62 * [PHONE NUMBER] #
# 62 #
Confirm current setting
* # 62 #
Engaged or busy
On another call or call rejected
* * 67 * [PHONE NUMBER] #
# 67 #
Confirm current setting
* # 67 #
All types
# # 002 #
All conditional diversions
# # 004 #
For example, to place a conditional forwarding to voicemail when you’re on another call, dial:
* * 67 * + 61 4141 21 000 #
What does call forwarding cost?

There's no setup cost for call forwarding, but there are charges for calls forwarded to other numbers. You can check your plan rates in your Critical Information Summary.

What are the call forwarding costs while on international roaming?

If you have conditional forwarding to voicemail while you’re on international roaming, there’s no cost. Also, if you’re on $5 Roaming and a forwarding calls to voicemail, the daily fee won’t be triggered. Charges will apply for retrieving voicemail messages.

If you have conditional forwarding to any number other than voicemail, and you’re traveling in a country with Pay and Go Roaming rates, you’ll be charged for both the call from Australia to the country you're in, and the diversion back to Australia.

If you have conditional forwarding to any number other than voicemail, and you’re on $5 Roaming, you’ll be charged the same as if you were in Australia and the $5 daily fee will be triggered.

If you have unconditional forwarding for all calls, there’s no cost.

Call Catcher is not available on international roaming.

What are ‘conditional’ and ‘unconditional’ call forwarding?

Conditional call forwarding only diverts calls to your forwarding number in specific situations:

  • If there is no answer.
  • If your phone is engaged.
  • If you reject the call.

Unconditional call forwarding diverts all incoming calls to your forwarding number.

How do I cancel unconditional call forwarding?

You can cancel unconditional call forwarding by dialling 1213.