What is a PUK code?

You’ll need your PUK code if you enter your SIM PIN 3 times incorrectly.

How to find your PUK code.

The best way to find your PUK code is through My Vodafone.

Entering your PUK code.

After entering your PUK code, you’ll need to enter and confirm a new SIM PIN. Your SIM PIN needs to be between 4 and 8 digits long.

You’ll have a maximum of 10 incorrect attempts to enter your PUK correctly. After 10 incorrect attempts, your SIM will be permanently blocked. If this happens, you'll need to get a replacement SIM to continue using your mobile number.

Additional information.

Entering your PUK code on your Motorola or Sagem device.

If you have a Motorola or Sagem device, you'll need to enter your PUK with this sequence:

* * 05 * [PUK] * [NEW PIN] * [NEW PIN] #