Replacing your SIM card.

This support article will give you key information about how to get and activate a replacement SIM card.

To get a free replacement SIM card, head to your nearest Vodafone store. Otherwise you can request, if required, a new SIM card when you upgrade your plan or device online.

Activating your replacement SIM card.

You can activate your replacement SIM card through My Vodafone or by heading in store.

To activate your replacement SIM through My Vodafone, you’ll need the last 10 digits of your new SIM number. Here’s how you can find your SIM number.


How to activate your SIM through My Vodafone


Wait for your order

1. Get replacement SIM

Get your replacement SIM in store or as part of an online upgrade.

Give us a call

2. Login to My Vodafone

Login to My Vodafone. If you’re on a plan, navigate to Products & Services and click on Swap my SIM. For Prepaid, Swap my SIM is under Account Settings. Activate the SIM by following the steps.

Wait 3 hours

3. Wait 15 minutes

Wait 15 minutes. If you kept your old SIM in your device, it will stop working. Insert your new SIM into your device. You may need to turn your phone off and on.

Additional information.

What are the different types of SIM available?

Your device is designed to take a particular sized SIM. Here are the different SIM sizes available.

Standard SIM


Micro SIM


Nano SIM



Our standard SIM cards can be pushed out and resized as a micro or nano SIM. If you’re unsure which SIM type you need, check out our device guides or contact your device manufacturer.

Will my mobile number change after activating a replacement SIM card?

No. You will keep the same mobile number for your service.

Can I copy the contacts stored on my existing SIM to my replacement SIM card?

If you have contacts stored on your existing SIM, they won’t be available when your SIM card is replaced. You can copy contacts stored on your existing SIM onto your device before activating your replacement SIM card. For more information, check out our device guides.

Can I use a Prepaid Starter Pack SIM as a replacement SIM card?

No. Prepaid Starter Packs SIM can’t be used as a replacement SIM.

How do I insert my SIM card into my device?

To find out how to insert your SIM card into your device, check out our device guides.

How do I go from a physical SIM to an eSIM?

You’ll first need to swap your current physical SIM to an eSIM through our SIM swap process online and then follow the eSIM activation steps. You can also swap to an eSIM by heading to your nearest Vodafone store.