Making calls while roaming overseas.

This support article will give you key information about making calls while roaming overseas.

How to make calls while roaming.

These are the number formats you’ll need to use when making calls while on international roaming.

Additional information.

How do I call Australian fixed line numbers while roaming?

If you’re calling an Australian fixed line number from the country where you’re roaming, make sure to include the area code. However, you’ll need to drop the ‘0’ at the start of the area code.

For example, if you’re calling the NSW number ‘7010 0000’ while roaming in another country:
1. Enter the exit code ‘+’.
2. Enter the country code for Australia ‘61’.
3. Enter the area code for NSW ‘2’, dropping the ‘0’ at the start.
4. Enter the fixed line number ‘7010 0000’.

Therefore, to call the Australian fixed line number using international format, dial ‘+ 61 2 7010 0000’.

How do I send text messages while roaming?

If you’re sending a text to message to a number within the country where you’re roaming, use international format. For more information, check out our text messaging support page.

We recommend storing your contacts to your device in international format, including the '+'. International format will also work when calling or texting within Australia, as well as overseas.

How do I call an Australian mobile number that’s also on international roaming?

If you’re calling an Australian mobile number that’s also on international roaming, dial the number in international format as if calling back to Australia.

How do callers reach me while roaming?

Callers in Australia can dial your number as they normally would if you’re in Australia.

Callers outside Australia will need to enter your number in international format.