Bulk Buying prepaid recharges

This support article will give you key information on Bulk Buying our prepaid recharges.

When you purchase multiple prepaid recharges, you get a discount as compared to when you get single recharges. You can’t change your plan or recharge again before the end of the final recharge.

Your service will be automatically recharged every 28 or 35 days, depending on the Combo Plus recharge you’ve chosen, until the Total Expiry period.

How to Bulk Buy prepaid recharges.

The best way to Bulk Buy prepaid recharges is to get a Prepaid Starter Pack that comes with multiple recharges.

Additional information

I’m an existing Prepaid customer, can I Bulk Buy?
Yes. However, by getting a Starter Pack you’ll be issued with a new phone number.
Can I change my recharge before the Total Expiry period?
You won’t be able to swap to a different prepaid plan until you’re on the final recharge of the Bulk Buy.
What happens at the end of my Total Expiry period?
At the end of your Total Expiry period you’ll be able to do a single recharge.
Can I purchase an Add-on when I’m using my Bulk recharges?
Yes. You can purchase any Prepaid Add-on.
What can I do with My Credit before the Total Expiry period?
You can use My Credit to get an Add-on, make standard international calls and for roaming.
Can I use My Credit for Bulk recharge?
No. You can’t use My Credit for your Bulk recharge.