Connecting to Vodafone on your visit to Australia.

This support article will provide key information to international visitors about connecting to the Vodafone network in Australia. Whether you're here short term or coming for a longer stay, Vodafone Prepaid is a great way to stay in touch. Alternatively, if we have a roaming agreement with your home provider, you can access roaming on the Vodafone network while visiting Australia.

How to connect to the Vodafone Australia network.

Additional information.

Is my phone compatible with the Vodafone network?

Your phone will need to be compatible with the mobile frequencies on our network.

Where will I get network coverage?

To see if Vodafone coverage is available for your device in the places you’re visiting, head to our coverage checker.

Roaming on our 4G network may not be included in our agreement with your home provider. If you need access to 4G roaming, check with your provider to see if it's available.

What do I need to do when returning home?

If you connected a prepaid service during your stay, you don’t need to do anything when returning home. It will automatically disconnect if you don't recharge for over a year after your credit expires, so there's no need to contact us before you head back home.

If you bought a network locked phone from us and want to use it back home, you can unlock it through our online unlocking tool.

Can I join Vodafone on a plan while I’m in Australia?

If you’re in Australia for an extended stay, you may be able to connect to a SIM Only plan.

To sign up for a plan, you’ll need:

  • A valid passport.
  • Proof of your Australian residential address.
  • A permanent residency visa, or a visa which is valid for the term of the contract.

If you’re eligible to join us on a plan, you can sign up online.

You can also join: