Recharging your prepaid mobile phone service

This support article will show you how to recharge your prepaid phone service.

How to recharge your prepaid service.

The best way to recharge your prepaid service is through Express Recharge or My Vodafone. You can access these pages without using your data.

You can also recharge:

Recharging over the phone.

When you recharge by calling 1300 650 410 you’ll need to enter your mobile number and 4 digit enquiry PIN.

MyMix recharges can’t be selected over the phone. You can recharge MyMix using Express Recharge or by SMS.

How to pay for your recharge.

There are several payments methods you can use for your recharge.

Credit or debit card.

You can recharge using any of our prepaid recharge options with:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

You can register your card to make it easier to recharge by credit or debit card. Paying with an unregistered credit card incurs a $1 card verification fee, which is then reversed within 7 days.

To help protect against credit card fraud, spend limits apply to credit card recharges made online and over the phone.


You can get a voucher from over 20,000 outlets across Australia, including:


You can redeem a voucher online with Express Recharge and My Vodafone, by SMS or over the phone using the 12 digit PIN.

To ensure you get the correct voucher for your recharge option, check out our vouchers page.

Redeeming a voucher for MyMix vouchers can only be done online.


You can use your PayPal account to recharge online via Express Recharge or My Vodafone.

You’ll need to be signed up for PayPal and have sufficient funds in your PayPal account to pay for your recharge.

Once your recharge has been completed your prepaid account balance will be updated and ready to use within 5 to 15 minutes.

My Credit.

You can use your available My Credit balance to recharge your service through My Vodafone.

Additional information.

What happens if I don’t recharge my service?

If you don’t recharge for 395 days since the last time you recharged, your number will be disconnected and put into quarantine.