Mobile loss or theft

The loss or theft of a mobile device can be both inconvenient and potentially costly. As such, prevention of such incidents is an important consideration. We recommend that you deter thieves with these simple precautions:

  • Your mobile is valuable. Treat it like you would your wallet or purse
  • Keep your mobile out of sight when you're out and about
  • Never leave your mobile unattended
  • Keep a note of your 15 digit IMEI number
  • Use your mobile’s security features (eg. pin number, security pattern, thumbprint scanner etc.) to stop strangers accessing your device. Keep a back-up of your contact directory in case your mobile is lost or stolen.


You can block the handset and bar the SIM by contacting us on 1800 638 638 FREE or from overseas on +61 426 320 000, available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you request your handset to be blocked, Vodafone will try to do so within 24 hours.

Note: It's possible that some handsets sourced from somewhere other than Vodafone directly may share the same IMEI number. In cases where your request to block a handset affects another customer’s use of their device Vodafone may not block the handset.

We treat each incident on a case-by-case basis and encourage contact with our customer support staff as soon as fraudulent activity is suspected. There's no charge to have your SIM or mobile blocked.

Vodafone is a founding member of the 'mind your mobile' industry scheme.

If we block your handset we will send a request to other mobile carriers in Australia requesting that they also block the handset.

If you are considering purchasing a device from a supplier other than Vodafone we recommend that you check the IMEI in case it has been blocked.

Note that there may be a delay between devices being blocked and appearing on the ‘mind your mobile’ website.