Identity Fraud

This policy applies where you are claiming that you have not signed a contract with a Vodafone entity, including: Vodafone Australia Pty Limited, Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited or Vodafone Network Pty Limited.

Identity fraud takes place when someone has fraudulently used your identity to sign up or upgrade a mobile service with Vodafone. This is usually the result of your ID or personal documents being used without your permission.

Identity fraud can occur when someone else has your personal information. This can arise from situations such as:

  • your wallet is lost or stolen;
  • someone has broken into your home or car;
  • mail that contains personal information has been taken from your letterbox, or from your paper recycling bin;
  • malware on a PC you have use has accessed personal data you have on that PC, or you have provided to a website you have visited; or
  • someone who has information about you, such as a colleague, friend, roommate or family member uses your ID.


For more information on identity fraud and how to prevent it, visit the Scamwatch, the Australian Federal Police and iDCare sites. iDcare is an Australian and New Zealand national identity theft support service. They offer personalised support to individuals who are concerned about the personal information.

How to submit an identity fraud claim.

  1. Your full name and contact details including address, contact phone number. If we can't contact you via phone then we'll get in touch through email, so it's important to include this as well on the Statutory Declaration.
  2. A copy of your ID documents. For more information about ID documents read our support article. One of these must show your current residential address and all ID (except passports) must be issued in Australia.
  3. Any documentation you've received from Vodafone showing the fraudulent connection or upgrade such as a welcome letter or recent invoice. If you don’t have any of the documentation above, then please supply as much information as possible. This information might include mobile account numbers, letters from debt collection agencies or emails regarding the account.
  4. The police report or event number must be supplied as part of your documentation
  5. A Statutory Declaration that is witnessed and signed by an authorised signatory. See a list of the authorised witnesses. Download the Statutory Declaration Form, this must be completed in full before the process can commence.

The process can take up to 10 business days to complete. If your request is urgent, let us know and we will do our best to complete this urgently for you.

Once the process is completed the Credit Team will contact you either through email or mail to advise the outcome. The contact will include a scanned copy of the Investigation Closed letter, which details any other action taken as a result, such as, the removal of a default on your credit file.

Contact details of the Credit Team

You can submit your identity fraud claim by email to You can also submit by fax to 1800 656 866.