Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch
Set little adventurers free with the Alcatel Family Watch.
Total cost $ 15 /mth Total min. cost $190
Alcatel Family Watch 5/mth Over 36 months. Min. cost $180
$10 Red Wearable Plan 10 Month to Month

Plan inclusions  

tick icon Unlimited voice messages to 10 family + 15 friend contacts in Oz

tick icon Unlimited emoji messages to 10 family + 15 friend contacts in Oz

tick icon Unlimited standard national calls to 10 family contacts in Oz

tick icon 1GB data to use in Oz. Additional data is automatically added at $10/GB ($0.01/MB).

tick icon $5 Roaming. Use your plan in 80 countries for $5 extra per day. Countries may vary. T&C apply.

Now you can enjoy peace of mind with your family.

With ample curiosity, kids want to explore. That’s where the Alcatel Family Watch comes in. If you want to know where they are, you can check their location on the TCLMOVE app; and if they need help, they can send an alert to your smartphone via the SOS button on the watch. So they have freedom to do more while you have the reassurance that you’re both connected. Not sold separately. Features only available when connected to a wearable plan with the Vodafone Network.

For more information on how to operate the Alcatel Family Watch, view the User Guide.

Alcatel Family Watch

Stay in touch icon Stay in touch

Your child can send and receive Emoticon messages as well as make and receive calls with designated pre approved recipients.

Safe zone icon Set a safe zone

Set safe zones and be alerted on your smartphone or tablet when your child enters or leaves the zone.

SOS icon SOS

Dedicated SOS Button so your child can easily make contact in an emergency.

Track icon Location monitoring

Check your kid’s location from the dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet.

Additional information.

What apps do I need to set up the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch?

To set up you will need to download the TCLMOVE app from the Google Play or App Store. This app is available for compatible Android and iOS devices.

How do I pair the watch with my phone?

Create an account on the TCLMOVE app and select the option to add a new device. Use the app to scan the QR code on the watch, or type in the watch’s IMEI number. This will generate a six-digit security code to be typed in the app.

What is length of voice message that can be sent between the child and app user?

All users can send voice messages of up to 30 seconds.

Can I monitor who my child is sending and receiving voice messages from?

Yes, the administrator can remove any contact (friend or family) at any time. If your child has paired their watch with another, you will see those contacts under ‘Friends’, and we advise you to check their Friends list on a regular basis. The name of the contact will be the name assigned by the administrator when setting up the paired watch. You can turn off pairing at any time, via the TCLMOVE app.

How is an SOS alert triggered?

The SOS alert can be triggered by the child by pressing down the SOS button on the side of the watch for approximately 5 seconds. Once the alert is set, all family members will receive a push notification on their phones in a few seconds (provided that their phones are on and have data connectivity).

How can my child cancel an SOS alert if triggered by accident?

Once the SOS alert is triggered it cannot be cancelled, however the child will be automatically redirected to the family chat screen where they will be able to communicate with the family members via voice messages.

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