Data usage on your phone plan.

This support article will give you key information about keeping track of data usage on your phone plan. It will also provide tips to help you avoid going over your data allowance.

How to manage data usage on your phone plan.

The best way to manage data usage on your phone plan is through My Vodafone.

If you’re on a Red or SIM Only Plan, you can use My Vodafone to get a Data Add-on for your plan.

If you’re sharing your plan’s data, you can also use the Data Control feature in My Vodafone to remotely switch off data for any users in your sharing group.

Most smartphones also have in-built data monitors to provide details of your data usage. For more information, check out our device guides or contact your device manufacturer.

Tips for limiting your data usage.

Here are some other ways you can limit your data usage.

Connect to WiFi.

When you’re connected to a WiFi network, you won’t use your plan’s mobile data.

To reduce your mobile data usage connect to WiFi when completing data tasks such as:

  • Installing software updates.
  • Downloading and updating apps.
  • Syncing cloud storage services.
  • Streaming video and audio.

For more information, check out our WiFi support  page.

Device data monitors.

Most smartphones have in-built data monitors to provide details of your data usage. For more information, check out our device guides.

Switch off mobile data access.

You can limit your data usage by switching off mobile data access in your phone’s settings. Some devices also allow you to restrict mobile data access for certain apps or features.

Switch off background data.

Your device may still be using data in the background, even when you’re not actively using it. To reduce your background data, you can try switching off automatic:

  • Backups
  • File transfers
  • App updates
  • Email refresh and attachment downloads
Data saving in apps.

Many popular apps have data saving features that can be configured to help reduce the amount of data they use.

Facebook Turn off Video Autoplay.
Instagram Turn on Use Less Data.
Snapchat Turn on Travel Mode.
YouTube Turn off High Quality setting.
Google Chrome (Android only) Turn on Data Saver.

Additional information

How is data usage charged from my plan?

Data usage and Add-ons are charged in 1KB increments.


What happens if I use all of my included data?

If you’re on an eligible plan and you use your included data, we’ll automatically add an extra 1GB data for $10 to use in Australia.

If you’re on a Plus Plan and use all of Your Max Speed data, you’ll then have access to data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps in Australia.

How am I charged for data while using $5 Roaming?

If you’re using $5 Roaming, your data usage is charged at the same rate as if you’re in Australia unless you’re on a Plus Plan.

If you're on a Plus Plan, you can only use Your Max Speed data with $5 Roaming, along with your call and text inclusions. If you use all of Your Max Speed data while you’re on $5 Roaming, we’ll add 1GB data for $10. This additional data can only be used with $5 Roaming, isn’t shareable and expires at the end of your billing month.

If you’re travelling to a country where $5 Roaming isn’t available or your plan isn’t eligible for $5 Roaming, data is charged outside your inclusions at Pay As You Go roaming rates.

Do downloads and uploads count towards my data usage?

Yes. Both downloads (data you receive) and uploads (data you send) count towards your data usage.

Is data usage charged at a different rate while tethering or using my device as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

No. Data usage is charged at the same rate, whether you’re tethering or using your device as a WiFi hotspot.