Prepaid Add-ons by SMS.

This support article will give you key information about getting Prepaid Add-ons by SMS. You can get a Prepaid Add-ons by SMS using My Credit or a saved credit/debit card.

How to get a Prepaid Add-on by SMS.

To get a Prepaid Add-on using a saved credit/debit card, send an SMS to 1511 with the relevant keyword.

To get a Prepaid Add-on using your My Credit balance, send an SMS to 1264 with the relevant keyword.

SMS Keywords for Add-ons.

These are the SMS keywords for each type of Add-on.

Additional information.

Can I get a Prepaid Roaming Add-on by SMS?

No. Prepaid Roaming Add-ons can't be purchased using My Credit. For purchase options, check out our Prepaid Roaming Add-ons support page.

What does it cost to send a text message to 1511 or 1264?

Sending text messages to 1511 or 1264 is free from your Vodafone phone.

If I’m on Combo Plus, Combo or MyMix, can I use my recharge’s credit to get an Add-on by SMS?

No. Using your recharge’s credit to get an Add-on by SMS is only available on 365 Plus, Pay and Go and 365 Day recharges. If you’re on a Combo Plus, Combo or MyMix recharge, there are other purchase options available for Data Add-ons, Talk Add-ons and International Call Add-ons.