Data Add-ons for your prepaid service.

This support article will give you key information about getting extra data for your prepaid service for use in Australia with our Prepaid Data Add-ons.

How to get a Prepaid Data Add-on.

The best way to get a Prepaid Data Add-on for use in Australia is through My Vodafone or Express Recharge. You can access these pages without using your data.

You can also get an Add-on by sending a text message to 1511 with a relevant code using your saved credit/debit card. Otherwise, send a text message to 1264 to use your My Credit balance.

Additional information.

Will my Data Add-on roll over?

You can roll over your Add-on’s unused data if you get another Data Add-on with the same expiry period before it expires.

For example, if you have a 28 day Data Add-on, you’ll need to buy another 28 day Data Add-on before the original Add-on expires.

The unused data will take on the expiry date of the new Data Add-on.

Will the data in my recharge or Data Add-on be used first?

Your Data Add-on will be used before the data in your recharge. Once your Add-on expires or is used up, your data usage will be deducted from the included data in your recharge. After you consume your recharge’s data inclusions, your data usage will be charged from your My Credit.

If I have two Data Add-ons active, which will be used first?

If you’ve purchased 2 or more Data Add-ons with different expiry periods, the inclusions will be deducted in this order regardless of their expiry dates:

  1. Daily Data Add-on
  2. 7 days Data Add-ons
  3. 28 days Data Add-ons
Are Data Add-ons available with my prepaid mobile broadband service?

No. Data Add-ons aren't available on prepaid mobile broadband.

Can I use my Data Add-on while roaming overseas?

No. Data Add-ons are for use within Australia only and can’t be used while roaming overseas.

How is data usage deducted from my Data Add-on?

Data usage is deducted from your Data Add-on in 1kB increments. For more information, check out our support page on prepaid data usage.