Data usage charges for your prepaid service.

This support article will give you key information about how data usage is charged on your prepaid service or Add-on.

How data usage is charged.

Data usage on prepaid services and Add-ons is charged in 1kB increments, excluding Pay and Go recharges, My Credit and 365 Plus recharges.

With a Pay and Go recharge, data is charged at 4c per MB in 256kB increments. On a 365 Plus recharge or when using My Credit, data is charged at 2c per MB in 512kB increments.

Additional information.

What happens if I use up the included data on my prepaid recharge?

If you’re on a Pay and Go recharge, you can either recharge again or get extra data with a Data Add-on.

If you’re on a 365 Plus recharge and have My Credit, excess data is automatically deducted from your My Credit balance.

If you’re on a Combo Plus, MyMix or Data/Talk Combo recharge, you can get extra data with a Data Add-on.

How is my data usage charged while roaming on a prepaid service?

If you’re on a prepaid recharge, roaming data is charged at our roaming rates. You can also get Prepaid Roaming Add-ons to use in over 50 selected countries.

Is there a minimum prepaid credit balance to use data?

No. There’s no minimum balance needed to use data on prepaid. Provided you've got data left, you'll be able to access the internet until it's used up.

Do downloads and uploads count towards my data usage?

Yes. Both downloads (data you receive) and uploads (data you send) count towards your data usage.

Is data usage charged at a different rate while tethering or using my device as a WiFi hotspot?

No. Data usage is charged at the same rate, whether you’re tethering or using your device as a WiFi hotspot.