Saving a credit or debit card for your prepaid service

When you save your card through My Vodafone or while upgrading, you authorise Vodafone to use these details to perform an Automatic Recharge on your prepaid plan's expiry date. The plan you will be Auto Recharged on will be the same plan as your most recent recharge, and you can opt-out at any time. T&C apply.

Using your saved credit or debit card is also a great way to top up your My Credit.

How to manage a credit/debit card.

The best way to manage your credit/debit card is through My Vodafone.

Aside from opting in to Automatic Recharge, when you register a credit/debit card with us, you can:

  • Use our Recharge by SMS service.
  • Recharge by calling 1511 from your prepaid phone.
  • Access increased daily and monthly recharge limits.
  • Recharge up to 5 Vodafone prepaid services using the same card.

Additional information.

What types of credit/debit cards are accepted?

You can register an Australian or internationally issued:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
Can I register someone else’s credit/debit card on my prepaid account?

Yes, but both you and the credit card holder will need to visit a Vodafone store to authorise the registration.

How do I add or remove another prepaid service from my credit/debit card?

The best way to manage your credit/debit card is through My Vodafone. If you have multiple services, you must be logged in to My Vodafone with the number the card is registered on.

Are there recharge limits when I use a credit card?

To help protect against credit card fraud, daily and monthly spend limits apply to credit card and debit card recharges made online, over the phone and by SMS.

Here are the limits.

Card type and levels
Daily limit
Monthly limit
Unregistered Australian cards
Registered and unregistered international cards
Level 3 – registered Australian cards
Level 2 – registered Australian cards
Level 1 – registered Australian cards

To progress up the levels, once you’ve registered a credit card, give us a call on 1555 from your Vodafone phone with a demonstrated need, and a history of successful recharges over the last three months, to move up 1 level at a time.

You can also head in store with a photo ID and your credit card. You’ll be able to select the new level of your recharge limit.