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Have a phone plan with us? Add any mobile broadband plan and save 10% off the monthly access fees for up to 24 months. Go to your local store or call 1300 300 404 now as the offer ends 30/09/14. T&C apply.

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Half price Prepaid SIM only Mobile Broadband Starter Pack: Online offer valid to 5 August 2014. Offer is exclusive to customers who purchase the $29 Prepaid MBB SIM Only Starter Pack online. Limit of 1 per customer. The Prepaid MBB SIM Only Starter Pack (“Starter Pack”) contains a SIM only – no device included. You must have a compatible Vodafone or unlocked (not reported lost or stolen) USB Modem, WiFi Modem, or Tablet device or 3G compatible device to use the Starter Pack (Device). Welcome Data contained in the Starter Packs expire after 30 days and does not rollover. Data rollover starts from first successful recharge. Usage is calculated in per KB increments. Pricing subject to change. Included data only for use in Australia on Vodafone’s network. Activation of, or use of, the Vodafone SIM constitutes acceptance of the Vodafone Standard Form of Agreement. A summary of the agreement available at Prescribed ID and user details must be provided at the time of purchase. Recharge costs additional.Limited Technical support is provided on Devices not sold by Vodafone. Some Vodafone 3G+ and 3G services are mobile broadband, internet, email, apps, downloading, video streaming and video calling. You will need a device compatible to the zone you are in (U2100MHz, U850MHz or U900MHz). Remember that actual speeds you reach will vary depending on things like device capabilities, location & network congestion. See for more info. Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554

10% off mobile broadband offer: Offer available until 30 September 2014 (unless extended) to existing customers with a Postpaid Vodafone account (“Account”) who add any Vodafone Postpaid Mobile Broadband Plan (“Eligible Plan”) to their Account. Discount only applied to the bill of Eligible Plan added to your Account as a credit equal to 10% of the Eligible Plan access fees for first 12 months on 12 Month and Month to Month Plans, or 24 months on 24 Month Plans (“Eligible Period”), after which standard charges apply. Any charges for additional or excluded services and any applicable device repayments will still apply and will not be discounted. If you cancel an Eligible Plan, or if an Eligible Plan becomes the only Plan remaining on your Vodafone account, any remaining credit owing to you will be forfeited for that Eligible Plan and standard early exit fees may apply. Not transferrable, and not redeemable for cash. Eligibility may be subject to a further credit check, the provision of ID documentation and the payment of any overdue charges associated with the existing plan on your Account.

One month free access fee: Offer ends 29 July 2014. Offer is exclusive to customers who sign up online to a 12 or 24 month Vodafone post-paid MBB plan with a minimum monthly access fee of between $20 and $65 (excluding the cost of any monthly device payment). Offer excludes month to month MBB plans. One month’s access fee will be applied as a credit to your bill in the first month.  Customers must be approved. Minimum monthly spend will be cost of your plan + an amount for any tablet or modem. Early exit fee: For 2.5GB plan ($0 + $X for tablet/modem) x months left on contract. For all other plans: ($20 + $X for tablet/modem) x months left on contract. Any charges for additional or excluded services will still apply. Unlocking fee may apply.