SIM card troubleshooting guide.

This support article will provide solutions to common SIM card issues if an error message is appearing on your device.


Getting a SIM card error message.

If you’re getting a SIM card error message on your device, try these troubleshooting steps first:

Wait for your order

Restart your device

Turn your device off and on again.

Give us a call

Check if your device is faulty

Insert another Vodafone SIM card into your device. If the error message still appears, it’s most likely your device is faulty.

Wait 3 hours

Check if your SIM is faulty

Insert your SIM into another device. If the error message still appears, it’s most likely your SIM is faulty.

If you’ve tried these solutions the error message is still appearing, here are solutions for specific error messages.

‘Insert SIM’ or ‘SIM error’

An ‘Insert SIM’ or ‘SIM error’ message may indicate that your SIM:

  • Has not been inserted correctly.
  • Is damaged and cannot be read.
  • Is the incorrect SIM size for your device.

Different devices use different sized SIM cards. We don't recommend cutting down your SIM or using a SIM adaptor.

If you require a replacement SIM, head to your nearest Vodafone store.

‘Enter PUK’

This message indicates that your PIN has been incorrectly entered a number of times and you have been locked out of your device. You’ll need to enter your PUK code to use your SIM.

‘SIM card rejected’

This message indicates that you've incorrectly entered your PUK code more than 10 times and your SIM is permanently blocked. You’ll need to arrange a replacement SIM by heading in store.

‘Insert correct SIM card’, ‘SIM card is locked’ or ‘Enter subsidy password’

These error messages indicate that your device is locked to Vodafone or another provider’s network. You’ll need to unlock your device to use it.