MyMix Prepaid Recharge

This support article will give you key information on moving to a MyMix recharge. MyMix Prepaid is great if you want to decide what inclusions you want each month.

How to recharge on MyMix.

The best way to recharge on MyMix is through Express Recharge or My Vodafone. You can access these pages without using your data.

You can also recharge:


Additional information.

What countries can I call with my international minutes?

If you have standard international minutes in your MyMix recharge, you can use them to call these selected countries:

Austria India Portugal
Bangladesh Indonesia Puerto Rico
Bermuda Ireland Russia
Brazil Israel Singapore
Brunei Darussalam Italy South Africa
Cambodia Japan South Korea
Canada Kuwait Spain
Chile Laos Spain Canary Islands
China Malaysia Sweden
Colombia Netherlands Taiwan
Costa Rica New Zealand Thailand
Dominican Republic Nigeria Turkey
Finland Northern Marianas Islands UK
France Norway USA
Germany Pakistan Vatican City
Greece Paraguay Venezuela
Guam Peru Vietnam
Hong Kong Philippines  
Iceland Poland  

If you use all of your international minutes, don’t have international minutes or are calling a country that isn’t included, you’ll need to have a My Credit balance. Check out our rates page for more information.

Can I recharge using a voucher?

Many MyMix combinations cannot be recharged with a voucher. Only a $20, $30, $40, $50 or $60 voucher can be used with a MyMix recharge.

The value of the voucher must be the same as your MyMix combination. For example, a $30 voucher will only work with a $30 MyMix combination.

MyMix recharges can also be purchased using My Credit, which you can top up using a voucher.

Will my inclusions roll over when I recharge on MyMix?

No. When you recharge on MyMix, your existing inclusions won’t roll over.

Can I access international roaming on MyMix?

If you want to use your prepaid phone service outside of Australia, you can use your My Credit balance with our Pay As You Go Roaming rates or get a Prepaid Roaming Add-on.

For information, check out our prepaid international roaming rates page.