What could you achieve with hangover free Sunday mornings?

Yet one in three Australians drink to get drunk. That’s potentially a lot of days wasted with hangovers.

Hello Sunday Morning is a charity with a mission to change Australia’s relationship with alcohol, by helping Aussies to regain perspective on why and how they drink. In fact, HSM’s award winning online program has already helped over 40,000 Australians change how they drink.

With Vodafone Foundation’s support, Hello Sunday Morning has launched its first iPhone app1, to help you trade a big night for a big morning.

You can also get involved by sharing how you’re making the most of your Sunday morning using #hellosundaymorning, or by joining the movement online.

Download the HSM iPhone app from the App Store, take on weekly challenges and track your progress.

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"The feeling of isolation is one of the biggest challenges for anyone who's abstaining from alcohol because it is so entrenched in our culture," said Chris Raine, Hello Sunday Morning CEO.

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