International roaming when you’re on a plan.

This support article will give you key information about using your plan while you’re overseas.

How to activate international roaming.

The best way to activate and manage international roaming is through My Vodafone.

International roaming options.

Additional information about $5 Roaming.

Where can I use $5 Roaming?

These are the countries where you can use $5 Roaming. Pay As You Go roaming rates apply for any roaming usage outside of these countries.

Albania Denmark Iceland Malaysia Poland Spain
Austria England India Macau Portugal Sri Lanka
Belgium Estonia Indonesia Malta Romania Sweden
Brazil Fiji Ireland Monaco Samoa Switzerland
Bulgaria Finland Israel Montenegrox Scotland Taiwan
Canada France Italy Montenegro Serbia Thailand
Chile Germany Japan Netherlands Singapore Tonga
China Gibraltar Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man New Zealand Slovak Republic Turkey
Croatia Greece Latvia Northern Ireland Slovenia USA
Cyprus Hong Kong Lithuania Norway Solomon Islands Vanuatu
Czech Republic Hungary Luxembourg Papua New Guinea South Africa Wales


$5 Roaming is free in New Zealand for up to 90 days per calendar year until 31 January 2018.

How is $5 Roaming charged?

We'll only charge you the $5 fee on the days you make or receive a call, send a TXT or PXT, or use data in an included country. Receiving messages is free and won't trigger the daily $5 fee. Once you've paid the $5 daily fee, you'll be able to use your plan's included value as if you were in Australia.

Days are calculated in 24 hour blocks from when you first use your phone overseas.

How are calls charged on $5 Roaming?

If your plan includes infinite standard national minutes, you can use these to call standard numbers within the country you are in. You can also use these to call standard Australian numbers.

For other eligible plans, calls to standard Australian numbers and standard numbers within the country you’re in come out of your plan’s included value at the same rate as if you were calling a standard number within Australia.

Standard calls to destinations outside the country where you’re roaming and Australia are charged as an international call. You can use the international call inclusions in your plan or International Call Add-on as if you were making the call from Australia.

Can I use $5 Roaming while sharing data with other plans?

Yes. All shareable plans are eligible for $5 Roaming, and your inclusions will continue to be shared while using $5 Roaming.

The $5 fee is charged for each service that uses $5 Roaming. For example, if you have 3 services on your shared account and two of them use $5 Roaming on the same day, $10 will be charged to your account.

Is $5 Roaming available on Mobile Broadband or Tablet plans?

Yes. If you signed up to a Mobile Broadband plan after 12 April 2017, $5 Roaming will be available and already switched on for you. If you signed up to an eligible Mobile Broadband plan between 31 August 2016 and 12 April 2017, you’ll need to activate $5 Roaming through My Vodafone.

If you signed up to a Tablet plan, $5 Roaming is available and already switched on for you.

Is $5 Roaming available on Business Flex plans?

If you signed up to a Business Flex mobile phone plan, you don’t have to activate $5 Roaming – it’s already switched on for you.

If you signed up to a Business Flex Mobile Broadband plan after 17 May 2017, you don’t have to activate $5 Roaming – it’s already switched on for you. If you signed up to a selected Business Flex Mobile Broadband plan before 17 May 2017, you can activate $5 Roaming by speaking to your Personal Account Manager, or by calling 1555.

$5 Business Flex Mobile Broadband Month to Month SIM Only and 24 month plans are not eligible for $5 Roaming.

Additional information about international roaming on a plan.

What do I need to do when I arrive?

Your phone should automatically connect to our roaming partners’ network wherever they’re available.

If you have trouble connecting, try our international roaming troubleshooting guide.

How do I make calls and send messages while roaming?

Depending on whether you’re calling locally, calling another country or back to Australia, you may need to use the full international format when dialling. Check out our making calls while roaming support page for more information.

How do I receive calls and messages while roaming?

Callers in Australia can dial your number as they normally would if you’re in Australia.

Callers outside Australia will need to enter your number in full international format.

Can I use data overseas?

Yes. If you’re on a plan with $5 Roaming, you can use your plan’s included data in over 55 countries for just $5 extra per day. If you exceed the data allowance of your plan, we’ll automatically add additional data the same as if you were in Australia. The First month unlimited data offer on new services can’t be used with $5 Roaming.

If you don’t have $5 Roaming, or are travelling to a country not covered by $5 Roaming, our Pay As You Go Roaming rates of $1 per MB will apply. In these cases, we recommend you use WiFi where available.

Can I use voicemail with roaming?

Yes. For more details, check out our support page on voicemail costs.

If you can't remember it, make sure to change your voicemail security code before you leave. You may need it while roaming.

How do I keep track of my usage?

The best way to keep track of your usage is through My Vodafone.

You can also make a free call to 1512 or +61 426 320 000.

How do I get in touch while overseas?

You can get in touch while you’re away by calling +61 426 320 000.

If you’re having trouble using your service while you’re overseas, try our international roaming troubleshooting guide.

Will my phone work overseas?

Most recent phones are compatible with a range of different overseas networks. If you’re using an older phone or want more information, check out our international roaming troubleshooting guide.

Do I need to do anything when I return to Australia?

No. When you arrive back in Australia, you’ll automatically access the Vodafone network and will no longer be charged for roaming.

You can leave your roaming activated in preparation for your next trip. If you prefer, you can deactivate roaming through My Vodafone.