Samsung GALAXY S4

Vodafone 4G available in selected metro areas. See where on our Coverage Checker.


Some call it a 'life companion'. We think they're right.

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 wants to make your life richer, simpler and more fun. With a stack of features and innovations, including the capability to monitor your health and well-being, there’s no doubt why this year’s biggest release from Samsung has been labelled as a ‘life companion’. 

As you would expect, the Samsung GALAXY S 4 features another world-first screen to impress your mates and dazzle your retinas each and every time you look at it. It has a Dual Shot camera that puts you in the very same picture that you’re taking. Air View and Air Gesture let you do things on your phone without even touching it, and Smart Scroll and Pause intuitively controls what you’re viewing simply by noticing your eye contact.

It also gives you access to the new super-fast Vodafone 4G network on one of our 4G plans and when you are in our selected major metro areas of Sydney and Perth, with some coverage in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong. Better yet, it has CAT 4 capability, making it one of the fastest devices for our 4G network.

If this hasn’t blown your mind by now, then read on. Because this must be the smartest smartphone we’ve ever encountered. 

The phone with a view

It has a 5” full HD Super AMOLED display to showcase images at their very best. We’re talking 441ppi for those in the know, which translates to stunning viewing quality. It’s got Gorilla Glass 3 too, making it durable enough for your every day life adventures.

Samsung GALAXY S4 display

Double shots put you in the picture

Ever wish you could also be in the picture you’re taking? Now you can thanks to Samsung’s breakthrough 13 megapixel Double Shot. It takes simultaneous photos from the front and rear cameras and combines them into one. That means no more missing out on being in the photo, and no more asking randoms to take a photo of you (which never turns out well anyway). 

Samsung GALAXY S4 dual shot

Achieve more for your health

S Health is designed to help you stay motivated by keeping track of your all your key measurements including your daily calorie intake, weight, and workouts so that you can track your progress towards all your fitness goals. With an in-built pedometer, you can also track your daily incidental exercise. But it’s more than just a fitness tool, with compatible accessories sold separately.

Samsung GALAXY S4 sHealth

Smarter interactions

Samsung GALAXY S4 smartscroll

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause take notice of your movements. So pages automatically scroll up or down when you tilt your phone, and clips automatically pause when you look away. Amazingly, Smart Pause can resume where you left off when you look back at the screen again.

No more language barriers

Samsung GALAXY S4 translate

Say or write what you need translated and get the translation read out to you or displayed on screen. With support for multiple languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish and more, the Samsung GALAXY S 4 is a handy travel companion.


Do and don’t touch

Samsung GALAXY S4 airview

Simply motion your hand at the Samsung GALAXY S 4 to accept calls, change music, browse the web or view your photos with Air Gesture activated. Air View makes it quick, easy, and super-convenient to enlarge content and photos, preview emails, and speed dial all with your finger hovering over the screen.


WatchON for better TV

Samsung GALAXY S4 WatchON

Samsung WatchON turns your Samsung GALAXY S 4 into a TV remote control, TV guide, and even into a video-on-demand service if that’s what you’ve got at home. Browse what’s on TV, search for your favourite movies and shows, and set reminders – all on your phone.


Samsung GALAXY S4 Specs