Samsung GALAXY S5

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My life. Styled and powered by the new Samsung GALAXY S5.

The Samsung GALAXY S5 has been designed for your life. It wants to power it. And it wants to do so like no other GALAXY has done before. Let’s start with its key features. In a world first, you’ll have access to faster download speeds thanks to its two internal Wi-Fi antennas – increasing the connection to accelerate the speed of your Wi-Fi. A built-in fingerprint scanner now lets you make tap and go payments. Water, dust and sand resistance means you can take it to more places, and an extended battery life means your phone can stay up with you right through the night.

A 5.1” full HD SUPER AMOLED screen displays brilliant colours and a deep, crisp picture. But what’s equally as impressive is that Samsung have cut back on their built-in manufacturer apps, leaving you with a purer Android experience powered by some truly awesome hardware innovations.

samsung galaxy s5 aussie life

Made for Aussie life

Water, rain, sweat, dust and sand can be devastating for your phone. Until now. The Samsung GALAXY S5 has an IP67 rating, making it resistant to these by up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

samsung galaxy s5 better picture

A better picture

If the 16 megapixel camera doesn’t impress you, then this will. This is the first phone to use a combination of contrast auto-focus and phase detection auto-focus, a feature found in many DSLR cameras. To put in in perspective, it shoots up to 3 times faster than other phones. It also features selective focus mode, which lets you choose between far focus, near focus or pan focus after you’ve taken the pic.

Faster speeds

The Samsung GALAXY S5 is the world’s first phone to feature a built-in double Wi-Fi connection for faster internet surfing, downloading, sharing and streaming. And if that’s not enough, you can up it with Download Booster, which combines Wi-Fi with 4G where available.

samsung galaxy s5 4g speed

Fingerprint security

No more PINS and passwords. All it takes is a swipe of your finger to unlock your phone, verify your Samsung account and make secure payments with PayPal.

samsung galaxy s5 fingerprint security

Longer life

samsung galaxy s5 battery life

The Samsung GALAXY S5 has a bigger battery and an Ultra Power Saving Mode to help it stay up with you all night. This mode turns your screen to black and white and disables power hungry features to significantly increase battery life.

Health in a heartbeat

samsung galaxy s5 heartrate monitor

A new S Health features a unified dashboard and is the world’s first smartphone with a heart rate monitor. You can select different workouts, set your goals and track your progress. It’s perfectly paired with the optional Gear Fit, which adds more features to S health.

  samsung galaxy s5 device dimensions

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