The proposed merger between Vodafone and TPG

On May 8 2019, the ACCC announced that they intended to oppose the proposed merger between Vodafone and TPG. We remain committed to the merger because we believe it’s best for you, our customers and the Australian market. The proposed merger is about combining two complementary companies which have very little overlap. Vodafone is an established mobile business with less than one per cent of the fixed broadband market, while TPG is the second largest fixed broadband player with no mobile network.

From here, together with TPG, we intend to file legal action in the Federal Court. We have already extended our merger agreement with TPG to allow sufficient time for the Federal Court to deliver its decision and for the merger process to be completed. In the meantime, for us it’s business as usual. We have strong plans for 2019 and these remain unchanged. We’re focused on delivering the best value products and services for you, our customers.

Frequently asked questions

Why have you decided to combine the businesses?

We believe that the combination of our businesses will significantly benefit our customers and provide a much stronger competitor, delivering real competition and benefits for Australian customers.

If you do combine business what will happen for me as a customer?

For now, nothing, Vodafone will continue to operate as a separate business. Vodafone remains fully focused on conducting business as usual and providing you with the best network and service experience.

Will my Vodafone plan change because of the ACCC decision?

There are no changes to existing products and services. We’ll advertise any new Vodafone offers as they’re launched.

What will happen with the Vodafone and TPG brand?

There are no changes currently planned to any of the Vodafone or TPG brands. If the merger is successful, the combined business will operate a number of market-leading brands and will continue to invest in developing each of its existing brands.

What’s Vodafone’s vision for the future?

We have a clear vision for the future and it is focused on an even better customer experience with a converged fixed/mobile offering for households, including 5G.

What will happen to Vodafone employees?

There’ll be no impact on our employees as a result of the ACCC decision.