Make 2018 your best season ever.

As proud sponsors of the Australian Super Rugby, we’re passionate about the future of the game. So when you sign up to a new Red Plan, and get a new phone over 12, 24 or 36 months, we’ll donate the monthly plan cost to your local Rugby Union club. That’s $80 for your club if you sign up to our $80 Red Plan. Even better, you’ll get free plan fees for your first month. Total min cost $30-$100, plus any outright device costs. T&C apply.

To sign up, call 1300 500 501 before 31 October 2017. If you’re a business customer, call 1300 860 371. You’ll need to mention the unique code for your club which can be found below.

Interested in sharing this with your club? You can register here to receive brochures and posters about the program. Each club that participates will see the benefits in March 2018, with the donated money going towards equipment, local ground hire and more.

Super Rugby
Super Rugby

Your club wishes to participate in the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Grassroots Program (the Program) and agree to be bound by the following Terms of Participation:

You acknowledge that Terms and Conditions of the Program apply. These detail important things like what new customers need to do to be counted as an eligible connection for the purposes of the Program and how the corresponding donations to your club (Program Funds) will be calculated.

You will at all times comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (Cth), the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and all other relevant laws of Australia in connection with participation in the Program. This includes ensuring that you only call or send emails and texts to your members who you know are happy to hear from you. In addition you will only promote the Program by using materials that the ARU has either provided to you directly, or has been created by you and approved by the ARU.

1. You acknowledge you won’t be breaching any current sponsorship contracts or arrangements that you currently have in place, and that you won’t enter into any additional sponsorship contracts or arrangements during the Program which prevents you from continuing with your participation in the Program.

2. You agree that any accrued Program Funds will be calculated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Program and will be distributed by the ARU. You acknowledge that the ARU’s decision as to the final amount of Program Funds relating to your club is final and no correspondence will be entered into as to volume or value of connections, or any other matter in connection with the Program or the Program Funds.

3. Further, you agree that the ARU is responsible, in its sole discretion, for ultimate allocation of Program Funds to individual Clubs and no correspondence will be entered into in connection with this allocation.  This discretion includes the specific amount of funds to be donated to each Club, as well as the means by which those funds will be distributed (for example, funds may be provided in the form of cash, fundraising equipment, sports equipment, or other goods). You also agree that your club will use any such equipment received under the Program for its intended purpose (as advised to you by the ARU).

4. You agree that any Program Funds that may become available to your club by participating in the Program will only be transferred to you on or after March 2018 (with the exact timing of distribution to be at the ARU’s sole discretion).

Find the unique code for your local club.

Junior Clubs
Unique Code Club Name
AUJ539231 Adelaide University JRUFC
ACJ304951 Albany Creek GPS JRUFC
AJR540311 Albany Junior Rugby Club
AJR531621 Albury JRUFC
ASC664681 All Saints College JRUFC
AJR531651 Allambie Jets Rugby Union
ATC692801 Ambrose Treacy College Rugby
ARM531661 Armidale JRUFC
ASJ531681 Armidale School JRUFC
AJR540351 Associates JRUFC
ABJ531711 Avoca Beach JRUFC
AVJ531731 Avondale JRUFC
BAL531751 Ballina JRUFC
BJR531771 Balmain Junior Rugby Club
BAN531791 Bangalow JRC
BRJ539261 Barossa Rams JRUFC
BJR531851 Barraba JRUFC
BTJ536821 Barron-Trinity JRUFC
BBJ531871 Batemans Bay JRUFC
BHJ531911 Bathurst Highlanders Junior RC
BJR531921 Bathurst Junior Rugby Club
BJR531931 Bays JRUFC
BBJ531941 BDC Barracudas JRUC
BJR536831 Beaudesert JRUC
BCJ531961 Beecroft-Cherrybrook JRUFC
BVJ531971 Bega Valley JRC
BVT532001 Bellinger Valley Tigers JRUFC
BJF539811 Bendigo Junior Fighting Miners
BSJ532011 Bermagui-Cobargo Sharks Junior RC
BJR536861 Biloela Junior RC
BLJ532051 Blacktown JRUFC
BMJ532101 Blue Mountains JRUFC
BUJ698331 Bond University (Juniors)
BUP536911 Bond University Pirates JRUC
BBJ532121 Bondi Breakers JRC
BJR536931 Bowen JRC
BBJ532171 Bowral Blacks JRUFC
BGJ668601 Bowraville Goannas Junior RC
BHJ539861 Box Hill JRUFC
BJR532201 Braidwood Junior Redbacks RC
BJR532231 Briars Junior Rugby
BJR539281 Brighton Junior RUFC
BRU539891 Brimbank Rugby Union Club
BJC536981 Brothers JRUFC - Cairns
BJM536991 Brothers JRUFC - Mackay
BJR537001 Brothers JRUFC - Rockhampton
BJT537011 Brothers JRUFC - Townsville
BJR537021 Brothers Junior Rugby Club
BRC537081 Brothers Rugby Club Sunshine Coast Inc
BDJ532271 Broulee Dolphins JRUFC
BPJ304991 Browns Plains JRUC
BVO532291 Brunswick Valley Ocean Shores Junior Rugby Union Club
BBJ540411 Bunbury Barbarians Junior Rugby Union Club
BBJ540391 Bunbury Bulls Junior Rugby Club
BBJ537101 Bundaberg Barbarians JRUFC
BUN537121 Bundaberg JRUFC
BUR537141 Burdekin JRUFC
BAS664671 Burgmann Anglican School
BUR664851 Burnie JRUFC
BJR539301 Burnside Junior RUFC
BUR532321 Burraneer JRUFC
BDJ540441 Busselton Districts JRUFC
BBJ532341 Byron Bay Junior Rugby Club
CJR537161 Caboolture Junior Rugby Club- Sunshine Coast
CRU305001 Caboolture Rugby Union Club
CCJ537181 Cairns Celtics JRUFC
CPS537201 Cairns Penrhyn Sports Association Inc. Juniors
CWJ537211 Cairns Wanderers JRUFC
CWJ537231 Cairns Womens JRUFC
CAL537251 Caloundra JRUC
CAM532361 Camden JRUFC
CHJ532381 Campbelltown Harlequins JRUFC
CGR531381 Canberra Grammar RUFC
CJR532401 Canowindra Juniors RC
CJR532421 Canterbury JRUFC
CCJ537271 Cap Coast JRUFC
CJR532451 Casino JRUFC
CBR532471 Casuarina Beach Rugby Club (JNRS)
CCJ536501 Casuarina Cougars JRUFC
CEJ533621 Central Eastwood JRUFC
CHJ537301 Central Highlands Junior Rugby Union Club
CQU664801 Central Queensland University JRUC
CJR532481 Cessnock JRUFC
CTJ537321 Charters Towers JRUFC
CJR308781 Chatswood JRUFC
CCJ664481 Chinchilla-Condamine Junior Rugby Club
CRJ537361 Cities RSL JRUFC
CJM537371 City JRUFC - Mackay
CJR532551 Clovelly JRUFC
CDR532581 Cobar and District Junior Rugby Union Club
CHJ532601 Coffs Harbour JRUFC
CHS664701 Coffs Harbour Snappers Junior Rugby Union Football Club
CCJ532621 Collaroy Cougars Junior Rugby Club
CJR537411 Colleges JRUC
COL537441 Colts JRUFC
COO532641 Coogee JRUFC
CTB698681 Coolangatta Tweed Barbarians (Juniors)
CJR532681 Cooma Junior Rugby Club
CCR537471 Coomera Crushers Rugby Union Club (Juniors)
COJ532701 Coonabarabran JRUFC
COO532751 Cootamundra JRUFC
COT540471 Cottesloe JRUFC
COJ532771 Cowra JRUFC
CUJ540511 Curtin University Junior Rugby Union Football Club
DJR537511 Dalby JRUFC
DCR531331 Daramalan College RUFC
DDJ536551 Darwin Dragons JRUFC
DVJ537521 Dawson Valley JRFC
DWJ532861 Dee Why JRUFC
DEJ539581 Devonport JRUFC
DOJ532881 Dorrigo JRUFC
DRU532901 Drummoyne JRUFC
DUB532931 Dubbo JRUFC
DRJ532941 Dubbo Rhinos Junior RC
DVJ532991 Dundas Valley JRUFC
DRC533011 Dural Rugby Club
EME533031 East Maitland Eagles JRC
EGR540551 Eastern Goldfields Junior Rugby
ESJ539611 Eastern Suburbs JRUFC
EJR531351 Easts JRU
EJR533091 Easts Junior Rugby Club
EJR537581 Easts Junior Rugby Club
EMJ534141 Easts McAuley JRUFC
EWJ410661 Easts Wallaroos JRUFC
EAS695661 Eastwood 7s
EJR539331 Elizabeth Junior RUFC
ERU695491 Ellenbrook Rugby Union
EJR539921 Eltham Junior Rugby Club
EJR537621 Emerald Junior Rugby Union
EHJ539941 Endeavour Hills JRUFC
EJR664711 Engadine JRUFC
ELJ662021 Engadine Lions JRUFC
EPP533151 Epping JRUFC
EDJ537651 Eumundi Dragons JRUFC
ERJ533171 Evans River JRC
EPJ305021 Everton Park JRUC
FJR539961 Footscray Junior Rugby Club
FOR533201 Forbes JRUFC
FJR533221 Forest JRUFC
FLJ537681 Forest Lake Junior Rugby Union Club
FPJ537701 Frenchville Pioneers JRUFC
FNT539641 Friends / New Town JRUFC
GJR539991 Geelong JRUFC
GIJ540571 Geraldton Internationals Junior Rugby Union Club
GLA537721 Gladstone JRUFC
GLE539651 Glenorchy JRUFC
GCE537771 Gold Coast Eagles JRUFC
GJR305031 Goodna JRU
GJR537821 Goondiwindi Junior Rugby Club
GOR308961 Gordon 7s
GOS533291 Gosford JRUFC
GJR533311 Goulburn Junior Rugby Club
GRC537851 GPS Rugby Club Juniors
GJR537861 Gracemere Junior Rugby Union
GJR533331 Grafton JRUFC
GRE533361 Grenfell JRUFC
GRE533371 Grenfell JRUFC- CWJRU
GRI533411 Griffith JRUFC
GER531391 Gungahlin Eagles JRUFC
GUN533441 Gunnedah JRUFC
GYM537881 Gympie JRUFC
HJR531421 Hall Junior RC
HHJ533481 Hamilton Hawks JRUFC
HHJ533501 Harbord Harlequins JRUFC
HJR533511 Harden JRUFC
HJR539681 Harlequins JRUFC
HJR540031 Harlequins JRUFC
HVV533551 Hastings Valley Vikings Junior RUFC
HVJ533571 Hawkesbury Valley JRUFC
HCJ690451 Hay Cutters JRUFC
HJR537901 Helensvale Junior Rugby Club
HBJ537921 Hervey Bay JRUFC
HRJ537931 Highfields Redbacks JRUFC
HCJ537951 Hinterland Celtics JRUFC
HJR308981 Hornsby JRU
HCJ540041 Hume City JRUFC
HHJ308991 Hunters Hill JRU
HSJ539701 Hutchins School JRUFC
IJR533651 Iluka JRUFC
IJR537981 Ingham Junior Rugby Union Club
IDR538001 Innisfail & District Junior Rugby Union Football Club
IJR533681 Inverell JRUFC
IJR305041 Ipswich JRUC
JMJ538061 JCU Mariners JRUFC
JPJ533701 Jindabyne Piglets JRC
JBJ540591 Joondalup Brothers JRUFC
KAL540611 Kalamunda JRUFC
KWJ533741 Kariong Wanderers JRUFC
KJM538091 Keas JRUFC - Mackay
KJJ533761 Kempsey JRUFC
KCJ305051 Kenmore Centenary JRUC
KIA533771 Kiama JRUFC
KWP309001 Killara-West Pymble JRU
KWS645901 Kinross Wolaroi School
KHJ539841 Kiwi Hawthorn JRUFC
KJM538131 Kuttabul JRUFC - Mackay
KWJ540681 Kwinana Wolves Junior Rugby Union Club Inc
KJR533811 Kyogle Junior Rugby Club
LMJ533831 Lake Macquarie JRUC
LCR309011 Lane Cove JRU
LJR539711 Launceston JRUFC
LEE533871 Leeton JRUFC
LHJ533901 Lennox Head JRUFC
LRJ533931 Lightning Ridge JRUFC
LJR480601 Lindfield Junior Rugby Club
LJR305061 Lions Junior Rugby Club
LIS533951 Lismore JRUFC
LCC533991 Liverpool City Cougars JRU
LCU305071 Logan City Rugby Union Club (Juniors)
LON538171 Longreach JRC
MEJ534041 Macquarie Emus JRUFC
MAI534061 Maitland JRUFC
MBJ538201 Maleny-Bushrangers Juniors
MPJ540711 Mandurah Pirates JRUFC
MAN695651 Manly 7s
MRR480621 Manly Roos Rugby Club
MAR531441 Marist College
MJR538211 Maroochydore Junior Rugby Club
MAR540051 Maroondah JRUFC
MMJ534121 Maroubra Missiles Junior Rugby
MJR538231 Maryborough JRC
MFA538251 Matthew Flinders Ang Schl JRUC
MEJ534161 Medowie JRUFC
MJR540071 Melbourne Junior Rugby Club
MUJ540091 Melbourne Uni JRUFC
MEJ540111 Melton JRUFC
MEN534181 Menai JRUFC
MCJ534191 Merewether Carlton Junior Rugby Club
MEJ534231 Merrylands JRUFC
MSH697481 Miami State High School (Juniors)
MMJ669431 Millthorpe Mozzies Junior Rugby Club
MOL534271 Molong JRUFC
MJR540151 Moorabbin Junior Rugby Club
MOR534291 Moree JRUFC
MJR410641 Mosman Junior Rugby Club
MIR531071 Mount Isa Junior Rugby Union
MMJ538281 Mount Morgan JRUFC
MWJ534341 Mudgee Wombats JRUFC
MJR534371 Muswellbrook JRUFC
MGW534411 Myrtle Green Warriors
NJR538311 Nambour Junior Rugby Club
NJR534441 Narooma JRC
NJR534451 Narrabeen JRUFC
NJR534461 Narrabri JRUFC
NJG534491 Narromine Junior Gorillas RC
NAT692831 Nations (Juniors)
NED540741 Nedlands JRUFC
NBJ534521 Nelson Bay JRUFC
NJR538331 Nerang Junior Rugby Club
NDJ534561 Newcastle Dragons JRC
NJR480631 Newport Junior Rugby Club
NOG674811 Nogoa Redclaws Junior Rugby Union Club
NJR538361 Noosa Junior Rugby Club
NBR305081 North Brisbane JBRUC
NCJ540761 North Coast JRC
NED539361 North East Districts JRC
NLJ305091 North Lakes JRUC
NRJ534601 North Rocks JRUFC
NWJ538371 North Ward Junior Rugby Club
NBM674111 Northern Beaches Mudcrabs Junior Rugby Union Club
NOJ540171 Northern JRUFC
NUJ534621 Northlakes United JRU
NOJ531451 Norths JRU
NPR501351 Norths Pirates Rugby Union Club
NWJ534651 Norwest JRUFC
OJR534701 Oatley JRUFC
OBP534731 Old Bar Pippies JRUFC
OCJ539401 Old Collegians Junior RFC
OJR539431 Onkaparinga Junior RUFC
OCJ534751 Orange City JRUFC
OEJ534771 Orange Emus JRUFC
OJR534811 Ourimbah JRUFC
PBC538431 Palm Beach Currumbin JRUFC
PCJ536671 Palmerston Crocs JRUFC
PJR540771 Palmyra JRUFC
PJR534831 Parkes JRUFC
PRJ534871 Penrith RSL Junior Rugby Union
PBJ540791 Perth Bayswater JRUFC
PET534901 Petersham JRC
PRP538461 Pine Rivers Pumas JRUC
PIR534911 Pirates JRUFC
PJR534931 Pittwater Junior Rugby Club
PJR664741 Pokolbin Junior Rugby Club
PAJ539461 Port Adelaide Junior RUFC
PDJ664821 Port Douglas Junior Rugby Club
POR534941 Port JRUFC
PMP534951 Port Macquarie Pirates JRUFC
PHJ540201 Power House Junior Rugby Club
QJR534971 Queanbeyan JRUFC
QJR534991 Quirindi JRUFC
RCC686901 Racing Rugby Club Melbourne
RAD645791 Radford College
RAN695641 Randwick 7s
RJR538501 Rangers Junior Rugby Club
RJR305111 Redcliffe JRUC
RCJ535041 Redfield College JRUFC
RJR305121 Redlands JRUC
RJR538531 Redlynch Junior Rugby Union
RJR305131 Riverside JRUC
RJR535081 Rockdale JRUFC
RJR540811 Rockingham JRUFC
RJR538571 Roma JRUFC
RPJ531481 Rosary Primary JRUFC
RJR535111 Roseville JRUFC
RRR538591 Ross River Redskins JRUFC
ROY531491 Royals JRU
RYD535141 Ryde JRUFC
SRC538751 Saints Rugby Club
SJR535181 Scone Junior Rugby Union
SPW538611 Scots PGC Warwick
SRJ535201 Seaforth Raiders JRUFC
SCJ535221 Shellharbour City Junior Cougars RC
SJR668541 Shepparton Junior Rugby Union Club
SHO535231 Shoalhaven JRUFC
SIN535261 Singleton JRUFC
SJR696971 SJRU7s
SPJ538621 Slade Point JRUFC - Mackay
SCJ535291 South Coast Junior Rugby
SCR538651 South Coast Rangers Junior Rugby Union Club
SCR535301 South Coogee Red Devils JRUFC
SDJ664781 South Darwin JRC
SEM695671 South East Magic
STJ538661 South Toowoomba JRUFC
SBJ538671 Southern Bay JRUFC
SBJ535341 Southern Beaches JRUFC
SCU664751 Southern Cross University Junior Marlins
SCU535371 Southern Cross University Juniors
SCJ697641 Southern Crushers JRUFC
SDJ540251 Southern Districts JRUFC
SLJ535411 Southern Lakes JRUFC
SLJ540851 Southern Lions JRUFC
SSE699301 Southern Sea Eagles RUC
SCR538691 Souths Junior Rugby Club
SSJ539501 Souths Suburbs Junior RUFC
SCS538711 Southside Crusaders Sports & Culture JRC
SJR538731 Southside JRUC
SLJ305171 Springfield Lakes JRUC
SBC664841 St Brendans College JRUFC
SEC531521 St Edmunds College JRU
SIJ535461 St Ives JRUFC
SPJ662131 St Patrick's JRUFC
SUN305181 Sunnybank JRUC
SCG538801 Sunshine Coast Grmr Schl JRUFC
SPJ538811 Surfers Paradise JRUFC
SWA536731 C
SSJ540881 Swan Suburbs Junior Rugby Union Football Club
SJR535541 Sylvania JRUFC
TJR538831 Tablelands JRUFC
TAC595211 TACAPS Rugby Union Club
TMR538851 Tamborine Mountain Rugby
TMJ535561 Tamworth Magpies Junior Rugby Union
TJR535611 Taralga JRUFC
TJR535631 Taree Juniors
TJR539731 Taroona JRUFC
TAS538861 TAS Rugby
TSS692301 Tasmanian Super Schools
TBR305191 Taylor Bridge JRUC
TPR538881 TDJRU Pathway Regos
TWJ538901 Teachers West JRUFC
TWJ535641 Tech Waratahs JRUFC
TJR535651 Temora JRUC
THJ535671 Terrey Hills Juniors
TTJ5357011 Terrigal Trojan JRUFC
TEJ535711 The Entrance JRUFC
THJ535731 The Hills JRUFC
TSS646171 The Southport School
TWJ535741 The Waratahs JRUFC
TBR538931 Toowoomba Bears Rugby Club Inc - Juniors
TGJ538951 Toowoomba Grammar JRUFC
TGJ538981 Townsville Grammar JRUFC
TCC535771 Trinity Catholic College JRUFC
TRU692691 TRU Junior Rugby
TRU696991 TRU Schoolboys
TVJ531541 Tuggeranong Vikings JRU
TJR535781 Tumut Juniors RC
TJR537551 Turtles Junior Rugby
ULR535811 Ulladulla Juniors
UBJ692621 Uni Boars Junior Rugby Union
USC539001 Uni of the Sunshine Coast JRC
UFJ539011 University Falcons JRUFC
UQJ692841 University of QLD RUFC (Juniors)
UPJ536761 University Pirates JRUFC
USQ539091 USQ Saints Rugby Club
VJR535901 Vikings JRUFC
VSB698281 VS Barbarians Rugby Club (Juniors)
WWJ535941 Wagga Wagga JRUFC
WJR535961 Wahroonga JRUFC
WJR535971 Wakehurst JRC
WJR535981 Walcha JRUFC
WJR536001 Walgett JRUFC
WJR536031 Wanderers JRUFC
WJR540951 Wanneroo Junior Rugby Club
WJR536071 Warnervale JRUFC
WDJ539111 Warwick & Districts Junior Rugby Union Club
WTJ668001 Wauchope Thunder Junior Rugby Club
WFJ539131 Waves Falcons Junior Rugby Club
WJR536141 Wellington JRUFC
WWP536191 West Wyalong Pirates JRC
WDJ531581 Western District JRU
WRJ536211 Western Raptors JRUFC
WSJ539161 Western Suburbs JRU
WDV539521 Westerns Districts Vikings JRUC
WJR536231 Wests JRUFC
WJR539191 Wests Junior Rugby Club
WSJ540991 Wests Scarborough JRUFC
WJR539211 Whitsunday Junior Rugby Union
WJR536241 Wingham JRC
WWW536261 Wollondilly White Waratahs Junior RUC
WAJ536291 Wollongbar/Alstonville JRUFC
WUJ536321 Wollongong Uni JRUFC
WJR539531 Woodville Junior RUFC
WJR536341 Woolgoolga Junior RC
WSJ536371 Woonona Shamrocks JRUFC
WWJ536391 Woy Woy JRUFC
WCR540281 Wyndham City Rhinos Juniors RC
WJR305221 Wynnum JRUC
YBJ536411 Yamba Buccaneers JRUFC
YJR536431 Yass Junior Rugby Club
YAT698891 Yatala Junior Rugby Union Club
YJR536461 Young JRUFC
Men’s Senior Clubs
Unique Code Club Name
AUR539241 Adelaide University RUFC
ARC664881 Albany RC
ARF531631 Albury-Wodonga RUFC
ADR531641 Alexandria Dukes Rugby Club
AVR539561 AMC Vikings Rugby Union Football Club
ARC540331 Arks Rugby Club
ARF531671 Armidale RUFC
ARC540361 Associates Rugby Club
ABR531721 Avoca Beach RUFC
ARF531741 Avondale RUFC
BRC539801 Ballarat Rugby Club
BRC531761 Ballina RUFC
BRC531781 Balmain Rugby Club
BRC531801 Bangalow Rugby Club
BRF531831 Barbarians RUFC
BRF536481 Barbarians RUFC
BRC536801 Barcaldine Rugby Club
BOB531841 Barker Old Boys Rugby Club
BRR539271 Barossa Rams RC
BRF531861 Barraba RUFC
BBR536811 Barron-Trinity Bulls RUC
BBR531881 Batemans Bay RUFC
BBR531901 Bathurst Bulldogs RUFC
BBJ531941 BDC Barracudas JRUC
BRF536841 Beaudesert Rugby Football Club
BRC531951 Beecroft/Cherrybrook Rugby Club
BRF536851 Beenleigh RUFC
BVR531981 Bega Valley RUFC
BVT532001 Bellinger Valley Tigers JRUFC
BRC539821 Bendigo Rugby Club
BSR532021 Bermagui-Cobargo Sharks RC
BER532031 Berridale RUFC
BRC536871 Biloela Rugby Club
BLA532041 Blackheath RUFC
BRC532061 Blacktown Rugby Club
BRC536891 Blackwater Rugby Club
BRC532091 Blayney RUFC
BMR501421 Blue Mountains Rugby Union Club
BOM532111 Bombala Rugby Club
BON536901 Bond University
BUP536921 Bond University Pirates RUC
BRC532131 Boorowa Rugby Club
BAR539831 Border Army RUFC
BRC540371 Boulder RUFC
BRC532161 Bourke RUFC
BRC536941 Bowen Rugby Club
BRC532181 Bowral RUFC
BGJ668601 Bowraville Goannas Junior RC
BGR532191 Bowraville Goannas RC
BHR539871 Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club
BRC536491 Brahmans RUFC
BRC532211 Braidwood RUFC
BRC532221 Brewarrina RUFC
BSC532241 Briars Sporting Club Rugby Club
BRC539291 Brighton RUFC
BHR536961 Brisbane Hustlers RUC
BIR536971 Brisbane Irish RUFC
BRC537041 Brothers RUC - Cairns
BRM537051 Brothers RUC - Mackay
BRR537061 Brothers RUC - Rockhampton
BRT537071 Brothers RUC - Townsville
BRC537031 Brothers Rugby Club
BRC532261 Brothers Rugby Club Sydney
BDR532281 Broulee Dolphins RUFC
BCR540401 Bunbury City RUFC
BRC540421 Bunbury Rugby Union Football Club
BBR537111 Bundaberg Barbarians RUFC
BPR674361 Bundaberg Pythons Rugby Union
BRC532311 Bungendore RUFC
BRC537151 Burdekin Rugby Club
BRC539571 Burnie Rugby Club
BRC539311 Burnside RUFC
BRC532331 Burraneer Rugby Club
BUS540431 Bushwackers RUFC
BBR532351 Byron Bay RUFC
CRC537171 Caboolture Rugby Club
COC664811 Cairns Old Crocs Rugby Union Club Inc
CPS537191 Cairns Penrhyn Sports Association Inc.
CWR537221 Cairns Wanderers RUC
CRC537261 Caloundra Rugby Club
CRC532371 Camden RUFC
CRC532411 Canowindra RUFC
CRC532431 Canterbury Rugby Club
CRU537281 Capella Rugby Union
CCR537291 Capricorn Coast RUC
CRC532441 Carinda RUFC
CRC532461 Casino RUFC
CBR696701 Casuarina Beach Rugby Club
CCR536511 Casuarina Cougars RUFC
CAJ536531 Central Australian Juniors
CRC539901 Cerberus RUFC
CRC532491 Cessnock Rugby Club
CSU532501 Charles Sturt University Bathurst RC
CSO532511 Charles Sturt University Orange RC
CTR537331 Charters Towers Rugby Club
CRC532521 Chatswood Rugby Club
CRC537341 Chinchilla Rugby Union Football Club
CRR537351 Cities - RSL RUFC
CRC537381 City Rugby Club - Mackay
CRC537391 Clermont RUFC
CRC537401 Cloncurry Rugby Club
CRC532561 Clovelly RUFC
CDR532571 Cobar & District RUFC
CRC539911 Cobram Rugby Union Club
CHJ532601 Coffs Harbour JRUFC
CSJ664701 Coffs Harbour Snappers Junior Rugby Union Football Club
CSR532611 Coffs Harbour Snappers Rugby Union Football Club
CCR668041 Collaroy Cougars Rugby Club
CRC537421 Colleges Rugby Club Inc
CRC537431 Collegians Rugby Club
CRC540461 Collie RC
CRC537451 Colts Rugby Club
CRC537461 Condamine RUFC
CRC532631 Condobolin RUFC
CHR532651 Cooks Hill RC
CRC532661 Coolah RUFC
CTB532671 Coolangatta Tweed Barbarians RUFC
CRC532691 Cooma Rugby Club
CCR537481 Coomera Crushers Rugby Union Club
CRC532711 Coonabarabran RUFC
CRC532731 Coonamble RUFC
CRC532761 Cootamundra RUFC
CRC540481 Cottesloe Rugby Club
CRC532781 Cowra RUFC
CRC532801 Crookwell Rugby Club
CCR532811 Croppa Creek RUFC
CRR532831 CSU Reddies RUFC
CUB536541 CUBS RUFC (c/- Central Aust RU)
CRC532841 Cudal RUFC
CUM532851 Cumnock RUFC
CUR540501 Curtin Uni Rugby Club
DDR537501 Dalby & District RUFC
DDR536561 Darwin Dragons RUFC
DVR537531 Dawson Valley Rugby Club
DWR501331 Dee Why Rugby Union Club
DAR531341 Defence Academy Rugby Club
DRC532871 Deniliquin RUFC
DBR540521 Denmark Brothers RC
DRC536581 Devils RUFC
DRC539591 Devonport Rugby Cub
DJR532881 Dorrigo JRUFC
DRR532891 Dorrigo Rangers RUFC
DRC532921 Drummoyne Rugby Club
DRC540531 Dryandra-Narrogin RUFC
DRR532951 Dubbo Rhinos Rugby Club
DRR532971 Dubbo Roos RUFC
DVR533001 Dundas Valley Rugby Club
DRC540541 Dunsborough RUFC
ERC536591 Eagles RUFC (c/- Central Aust RU)
EAJ536601 East Arnhem JRUFC
EAR536611 East Arnhem RUFC
EME533041 East Maitland Eagles RC
EDR537571 Eastern Districts RUC
ESR539621 Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club
ESR533061 Eastern Suburbs Rugby Union Football Club
ELR537591 Easts Longhorns Rugby Club
ERC533081 Easts RUC
ERC531361 Easts Rugby Club
EDR533101 Eastwood District Rugby Union Football Club
EMB533111 Echuca Moama Barbarians
ERC539341 Elizabeth RUFC
ERC539931 Eltham Rugby Union Football Club
ERC537631 Emerald Rugby Club
ECR537641 Emmaus College RUFC
ELR533121 Engadine Lions RUFC
ERC533161 Epping Rugby Club
ERC540561 Esperance RUFC
ERU537661 Euros Rugby Union
ERR533181 Evans River Rugby Club
EPR537671 Everton Park Rugby Club
FLR533191 Fairvale/Lansvale Rugby Club
FRC533211 Forbes RUFC
FRC533231 Forest Rugby Club
FTR533241 Forster Tuncurry Rugby Club
FCR537691 Fraser Coast RUFC
FPR537711 Frenchville Pioneers RUFC
GRC540001 Geelong Rugby Club
GTS664891 Geraldton Tiger Sharks
GGR533251 Geurie Goats
GRC537731 Gladstone Rugby Club
GIR533261 Glen Innes RUFC
GGR537741 Glenden Gladiators RUFC
GRC539661 Glenorchy Rugby Club
GRC533271 Gloucester RUFC
GCB537751 Gold Coast Breakers
GCR537791 Gold Coast Rugby Club Inc (Eagles)
GRC537801 Goodna RUC
GRC537831 Goondiwindi Rugby Club
GRC533281 Gordon Rugby Football Club
GRC533301 Gosford RUFC
GRC533321 Goulburn Rugby Club
GRC537841 GPS Rugby Club
GRC537871 Gracemere Rugby Club
GRR533341 Grafton Redmen RUFC
GRC533381 Grenfell RUFC
GRC533401 Griffins RUFC
GRC533421 Griffith RUFC
GRC533431 Gulargambone RUFC
GRC531401 Gungahlin RUFC
GRC533451 Gunnedah RUFC
GRC533461 Guyra RUFC
GRC533471 Gwydir Rugby Club
GHR537891 Gympie Hammers Rugby Club
HRC531431 Hall Rugby Club
HHR322451 Hamilton Hawks RUFC
HRC533521 Harden RUFC
HRC540021 Harlequin Rugby Club
HVJ533551 Hastings Valley Vikings Junior RUFC
HVR533561 Hastings Valley Vikings RUFC
HVR533581 Hawkesbury Valley Rugby Club
HCR533591 Hay Cutters
HRC537911 Helensvale Rugby Club Inc
HRU537941 Highfields Rugby Union Club
HRC533601 Hills RUFC
HRC533611 Hillston RUFC
HCR537961 Hinterland Celtics RUFC
HLR539691 Hobart Hutchins Lions Rugby Union Football Club
HRC533631 Hornsby Rugby Club
HHR533641 Hunters Hill Rugby Club
IRC537971 Ilfracombe RC
IRC533661 Iluka RUFC
IRC537991 Ingham Rugby Union Club
IDR538011 Innisfail & District Rugby Club Inc
ICM533671 International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
IRC533691 Inverell RUFC
IRC538021 Ipswich Rugby Club
IER689171 Irish Expats
ICR538041 Isis Crushers RUFC
IBR540581 Island Barbarians Rugby Club
JBR536621 Jabiru Bushratz RUFC
JCU538051 James Cook Uni Of Nth Qld Rugby Club
JCU538071 JCU Mariners RUFC
JRC533711 Jindabyne Rugby Club
JRC540601 Joondalup RUFC
JRC533721 Junee Rugby Club
KRC540621 Kalamunda Rugby Club
KSR540641 Kalgoorlie Stormers Rugby Club
KRC540661 Kambalda RUFC
KRC533731 Kariong RUFC
KRC540671 Katanning RC
KBR536631 Katherine Blues
KRR536641 Katherine Reds
KRC538081 Kawana Rugby Club
KRM538101 Keas RUFC - Mackay
KRC538111 Keas Rugby Club - Mt Isa
KCR533751 Kempsey Cannonballs RUFC
KJC533761 Kempsey JRUFC
KRC533781 Kiama RUFC
KWP533791 Killara-West Pymble Rugby Club
KOB308731 Kings Old Boys
KHR539851 Kiwi Hawthorn Rugby Union Football Club
KWR536651 Kiwi Warriors RUFC
KOB308741 Knox Old Boys
KRC538141 Kuttabul Rugby Club - Mackay
KRU540691 Kwinana Wolves Rugby Union club
KRC533821 Kyogle RUFC
LMR533841 Lake Macquarie RUFC
LCR533861 Lane Cove Rugby Union Club Inc
LRC539721 Launceston Rugby Club
LPR533881 Leeton Phantoms RUFC
LHR533911 Lennox Head RUFC
LRC533941 Lindfield Rugby Club
LRC533961 Lismore RUFC
LRC533981 Lithgow RUFC
LCR538151 Logan City Rugby Union Club (Seniors)
LRC5381811 Longreach Rugby Club Inc.
MCR668631 Macarthur Crusaders Rugby Club
MRC540161 Moorabbin Rugby Club
MRC534031 Maccabi RUFC
MRC534071 Maitland RUFC
MBR664831 Maleny Bushrangers RC
MRP689141 Mandurah Raw Prawns
MRC540721 Mandurah Rugby Club
MRU534081 Manly Rugby Union Football Club
MSR534091 Manly Savers Rugby Club
MRR534111 Manning River Rats RUFC
MRG540701 Margaret River Gropers RC
MRC538221 Maroochydore Rugby Club
MRC540061 Maroondah Rugby Club
MMR538241 Maryborough Mudcrabs RUC
MXR538261 Med XV RUFC
MDR534151 Medowie & Districts RUFC
MRC540121 Melton Rugby Club
MRC667421 Menai RFC
MCR534201 Merewether Carlton Rugby Club
MRC534241 Merrylands Rugby Club
MHS697491 Miami State High School (Seniors)
MPB689131 Midland Puffin Billies
MRC534261 Milton Rugby Club
MRC534281 Molong RUFC
MUR540141 Monash University Rugby Club
MBR538271 Moranbah Bulls
MRC534301 Moree RUFC
MRC534321 Mosman Rugby Club
MMR538291 Mount Morgan Rugby Club
MRC534331 Mudgee RUFC
MFR534351 Mullumbimby Federal RUFC
MRU534361 Murwillumbah Rugby Union Football Club
MRC534381 Muswellbrook RUFC
MCR534401 Myall Coast
NRC538321 Nambour Rugby Club Inc.
NDW534431 Narooma & Districts Whales RC
NRC534471 Narrabri RUFC
NRC534501 Narromine RUFC
NRC540751 Nedlands Rugby Club
NBR534531 Nelson Bay RUFC
NRC538341 Nerang Rugby Club Inc.
NRC534591 Newport Rugby Club
NDR538351 Noosa District Rugby Club Inc.
NED539371 North East Districts RUFC
NTR539391 North Torrens RUFC
NOB538381 North Ward Old Boys RUFC
NBM538391 Northern Beaches Mudcrabs Rugby Union Club
NRC540181 Northern Rugby Union Club
NSR534611 Northern Suburbs Rugby Union Football Club
NTI536661 Northern Territory Institute of Sport RUFC
NUR534631 Northlakes United RUFC
NRC538401 Norths RUFC
NRC534681 Nyngan RUFC
ORC501411 Oatley Rugby Union Club
ORC534711 Oberon RUFC
OBB534721 Old Bar Beach Rugby Club
OBP534731 Old Bar Pippies JRUFC
OCR539411 Old Collegians RFC
OIR308761 Old Ignatians
ORC539441 Onkaparinga RUFC
OBR534741 Orange Barbarians Rugby Club
OCR534761 Orange City RUFC
OER534781 Orange Emus RUFC
OWR534801 Orange Waratahs RUFC
ORC534821 Ourimbah RUFC
PBC538441 Palm Beach Currumbin Rugby Club
PCR536681 Palmerston Crocs RUFC
PRC540781 Palmyra Rugby Club
PRC664901 Paraburdoo RC
PRC534841 Parkes RUFC
PBR540801 Perth Bayswater Rugby Club
PIR687261 Perth Irish RFC Inc
PHJ54020 Power House Rugby Club
PRC501461 Petersham Rugby Union Club
PRB538451 Pine Rivers Boars RUFC
PRC536701 Pirates RUFC
PRC322511 Pokolbin
PAR539471 Port Adelaide RUFC
PDR538481 Port Douglas Rugby Club
PJR534941 Port JRUFC
PMP534951 Port Macquarie Pirates JRUFC
PMP534961 Port Macquarie Pirates RUFC
PRC538491 Proserpine/Whitsunday RUC
PRC540231 Puckapunyal Rugby Club
QRI534981 Queanbeyan RUFC Inc
QSR687121 Queensland Suburban Rugby Union
QRC535001 Quirindi RUFC
RWR535011 RAAF Wagga RC
RRU535021 Randwick Rugby Union Football Club
RRC538511 Redcliffe RUFC
RRC535031 Redfield RUFC
RRC538521 Redlands RUFC
RRR535051 Richmond Range RUFC
RAR535061 Riverina ADF Rugby Club
RRR538541 Riverside Rebels Rugby Club
RRC531471 RMC Rugby Club
RCR535071 Robb College RUFC
RRC535091 Rockdale Rugby Club
RBR538551 Rockhampton Boars RC
RRC540821 Rockingham Rugby Club
RRC538561 Rolleston RUC
RRU538581 Roma Rugby Union Club
RRC535121 Roseville Rugby Club
RRR538601 Ross River Redskins RFC
RHR535131 Rouse Hill RC
RRC531501 Royals Rugby Club
SCU535151 S.C.U. Marlins
SRC535171 Sapphire Rugby Club
SRC535191 Scone RUFC
SHA689181 Shamboks
SRC540241 Shepparton Rugby Union Club Inc
SRC535241 Shoalhaven RUFC
SAL535251 Singleton Army Lions RC
SRC535271 Singleton RUFC
SPR538631 Slade Point Rugby Club - Mackay
SBR538641 South Burnett RUFC
SDR536711 South Darwin Rabbitohs RUFC
SWR535331 South West Rocks RUFC
SBR538681 Southern Bay RUFC
SBR535351 Southern Beaches RUFC
SCU664751 Southern Cross University Junior Marlins
SCU535381 Southern Cross University RUFC
SCR694251 Southern Crushers Rugby Club
SDR540261 Southern Districts Rugby Club
SDR535391 Southern Districts Rugby Union Football Club
SLR535421 Southern Lakes RUFC
SLR540861 Southern Lions RUFC
SRC538701 Souths RUFC
SSR539511 Souths Suburbs RUFC
SCS538721 Southside Crusaders Sports & Culture RUC
SPR538741 Springfield
SAC535431 St Alberts College RUFC
SGD538761 St George & District RUC
SGR535451 St George RUFC
SIR535471 St Ives Rugby Club
SLC5387711 St Leos College Old Boys RUFC
SLO5387811 St Luke's Old Boys RC
SPR308811 St Patricks
SRC538791 Sunnybank Rugby Club
SPR538821 Surfers Paradise RUC
SRC536741 Swampdogs RUFC
SSR540891 Swan Suburbs Rugby Union Football Club
SGO535481 Sydney Grammar Old Boys Rugby Club
SHR535491 Sydney Harlequins RUC
SIR535511 Sydney Irish RFC
SUR535521 Sydney University Rugby Union Football Club
TRC538841 Tablelands Rugby Club
TPR535581 Tamworth Pirates RUFC
TRC535591 Tamworth RUFC
TRC535621 Taralga RUFC
TJR535631 Taree Juniors
TRC539741 Taroona Rugby Club
TUR539761 Tasmania University Rugby Club
TBS538871 TC Beirne School of Law RUFC
TSR538891 Teachers - Smithfield RUC
TWR538911 Teachers West Rugby Club Inc.
TRC535661 Temora RUFC
THRC535681 Terrey Hills Rugby Club
TRC535691 Terrigal RUFC
TER535721 The Entrance RUFC
THR539781 The Harlequin Rugby Club
TWR535751 The Waratahs RUFC
TLR536751 Tindal Lions RUFC
TBR538941 Toowoomba Bears Rugby Club Inc - Seniors
TRR538971 Toowoomba Rangers RUFC
TRC535761 Trangie RUFC
TM7692681 TRU Men's Rugby 7s
TRC531531 Tuggeranong Rugby Club
TRC535791 Tumut RUFC
TSR535801 Tuross/Bodalla Shamrocks RFC
TRC537561 Turtles Rugby
TRR538991 Two Rivers Rugby
UOW535831 Uni Of Western Sydney-Hawkesbury
UAO699291 Uni-Associates Old Boys Rugby Union
URC531571 Universities Rugby Club
UNR534581 University of Newcastle Rugby Union Club
UNR535841 University of NSW Rugby Club
UOQ539021 University Of Qld Gatton RUC
UOQ539031 University Of Qld RUFC
USQ539041 University Of Southern Qld Rugby Club
USC539061 University of the Sunshine Coast RUFC
UPR536771 University Pirates RUFC
URC539071 University RUC (Central - Rock.)
UWR535861 University(Wollongong) RUFC
UWA540921 UWA Rugby Club
VIN535911 Vincentia RUFC
VSB695521 VS Barbarians Rugby Club Inc
FRS540941 W.A. Fire and Rescue Service Rugby Union Football Club
WAC535921 Wagga Agricultural College RUFC
WCR535931 Wagga City RUFC
WWR535951 Wagga Waratahs RUFC
WRC668031 Wakehurst Rugby Club
WRC535991 Walcha RUFC
WRC53601 Walgett RUFC
WBR536021 Wallamba Bulls RUFC
WRC536041 Wanderers RUFC
WRC540961 Wanneroo Rugby Club
WRC536081 Warnervale RUFC
WRC536091 Warren RUFC
WRC539101 Warrigals Rugby Club
WRC536101 Warringah Rugby Union Football Club
WPR540271 Warrnambool Plovers Rugby Union Club
WDR539121 Warwick & Districts Rugby Club
WAS540981 WASM Rugby
WTJ668001 Wauchope Thunder Junior Rugby Club
WTR664771 Wauchope Thunder Rugby Club
WRC536121 Waverley Rugby Club
WFR539141 Waves Falcons Rugby Club
WRU536151 Wellington RUFC
WCR539791 West Coast Rugby Club
WHR536171 West Harbour Rugby Union Football Club
WWR536201 West Wyalong RUFC
WDR531591 Western District Rugby Club
WDR539151 Western Districts RFC
WSR539171 Western Suburbs Rugby Union Club Inc
WTR539181 Wests (Tigers)
WSR541001 Wests Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club
WJR536241 Wingham JRC
WWW536271 Wollondilly White Waratahs RUC
WWW536271 Wollondilly White Waratahs RUC
WAR536301 Wollongbar-Alstonville RUFC
WTW536311 Wollongong Tech Waratahs RUFC
WVR536331 Wollongong Vikings RUFC
WRC539541 Woodville RUFC
WJR536341 Woolgoolga Junior RC
WRC536351 Woolgoolga RC
WCR536361 Woollahra Colleagues RUFC
WSR536381 Woonona Shamrocks RUFC
WWR536401 Woy Woy RUFC
WRC688001 Wright Rugby Club
WCR540291 Wyndham City Rhinos RUC
WRC539221 Wynnum Rugby Club Inc.
YRC536421 Yamba RUFC
YRC536441 Yass RUFC
YRC536451 Yeoval RUFC
YRC536471 Young RUFC
Women’s Senior Clubs
Unique Code Club Name
AUW539251 Adelaide University Womens RUFC
AMC692091 AMC Vikings Womens RUFC
ARC540341 Arks Rugby Club- Womens
BWR690721 Bathurst Women's Rugby
BVW531991 Bega Valley Women RC
BSW534891 Blacktown Scorpions Women's
BER664791 Bourke Ewes
BEW532141 Bourke Ewes Women's Rugby Union Club
BHW539881 Box Hill Womens RUFC
BWR664111 Brimbank Womens RUFC
BWR692111 Burnie Womens RUFC
BWR539321 Burnside Womens RUFC
CHR532391 Campbelltown Harlequins RUFC
CWR536521 Casuarina Womens RUFC
CWR532591 Cobar Womens RUFC
CWR532741 Coonamble Womens Rugby Club
COW698151 Cootamundra Womens Rugby Union Football Club
CWR540491 Cottesloe Womens RUFC
CWR532791 Cowra Womens RUFC
CBW532821 CSU (Bathurst) Womens RUFC
DDW536571 Darwin Dragons Womens RUFC
DWR539601 Devonport Womens RUFC
DRW532961 Dubbo Rhinos Womens Rugby Club
DWR532981 Dubbo Womens RUFC
ESW539631 Eastern Suburbs Womens RC
EWR531371 Easts Womens RUFC
EWR539351 Elizabeth Women's RC
EHR539951 Endeavour Hills Rugby Union Football Club
EHW664871 Endeavour Hills Women RC
FNC664721 Far North Coast Womens RFC
FRC685801 Firebrand Rugby Club
FRU539971 Footscray Rugby Union Club
GWR540011 Geelong Womens RUFC
GWR539671 Glenorchy Womens RUFC
GWR533391 Grenfell Womens RC
GWR531411 Gungahlin Womens RFC
HWR698161 Harden Womens Rugby
HWR692101 Harlequins Womens RUFC
HVV533541 Hastings Valley Vikings Helgas Womens RUC
HHW695981 Hobart Hutchins Women's Rugby Club
IDW664731 Illawarra District Womens Rugby Club
KRC540631 Kalamunda Rugby Club - Womens
LWR664861 Launceston Womens RUFC
LWR533891 Leeton Womens RUFC
LWR533971 Lismore Women Rugby Club
MUR534051 Macquarie Uni Rugby Club
MWR668531 Maitland Womens RUFC
MRC540081 Melbourne Rugby Club
MUR540101 Melbourne University Rugby Football Club
MWC534211 Merewether/Carlton Womens Rugby Club
MHR540731 Midland Hills Rugby Union Football Club
MUW540131 Monash Uni Womens RUFC
MRC540161 Moorabbin Rugby Club
MWR534311 Moree Women's RUFC
MWR690511 Mudgee Women's Rugby Club
NWR534481 Narrabri Women's RUFC
NWR534511 Narromine Womens RUFC
NED539381 North East Districts Womens
NWR540191 Northern Womens RUFC
NTW692661 NT Womens RUFC
OCW539421 Old Collegians Womens RFC
OWR539451 Onkaparinga Womens RUFC
OGS674691 Open Girls State Sevens Team
OEW534791 Orange Emus Womens RUFC
PWR536691 Palmerston Womens RUFC
PRU534851 Parramatta Rugby Union Football Club
PRU534881 Penrith Rugby Union Football Club
PBW664911 Perth Bayswater Womens RC
PWR534921 Pirates Womans Rugby Club
PAW539481 Port Adelaide Womens RFC
PHR540211 Power House Rugby Club
PHW540221 Power House Womens Rugby Club
RWR535101 Rockdale Women's Rugby Club
RWR540831 Rockingham Women's Rugby Union Football Club
RWR531511 Royals Womens RFC
SRU697451 Shepparton Women's Rugby Union Squad
SDW536721 South Darwin Womens RUFC
SCU535361 Southern Cross Uni Lismore Womens RUFC
SLW540871 Southern Lions Womens RUFC
SSW539491 Southern Suburbs Womens RUFC
SWR692971 Swampdogs Women's RUFC
SSW540901 Swan Suburbs Womens RUFC
SUW535531 Sydney University Womens RUFC
TMW535571 Tamworth Magpies Women's RC
TWR535601 Tamworth Women's Rugby Club
TWR539751 Taroona Womens RUFC
TUW539771 Tasmania University Womens RUFC
TWR688931 Tasmanian Women's Rugby Union Club (All Stars)
TWR531551 Tuggeranong Womens RUFC
UNE689291 UNE Armidale Women's Rugby Club
UWR531561 Uni/Norths Womens RFC
UPW536781 University Pirates Womens RUFC
UWR540931 University Womens RC
UWR535851 University Womens RUFC (Newcastle)
WWR536051 Wanderers Womens RUFC
WWR540971 Wanneroo Womens RC
WWR536061 Warialda Women's Rugby Club
WWR536111 Warringah Womens RUFC
WWR536131 Waverley Womens RUFC
WWR536161 Wellington Womens RUFC
WWR698691 West Wyalong Redbacks (Women)
WSW541011 Wests Subiaco Womens RUFC
WWR531601 Wests Womens RUFC
WDA531611 Womens Defence Academy RFC
WWR539551 Woodville Womens RFC
WCRWYN540301 Wyndham City Rhinos Womens RUFC
Terms and conditions

1. Entry into the Program is available to both approved consumer and business customers. Business customers must have an ABN/ACN.

2. The Program is available to customers (excludes rate plan change customers) who, between 28/06/2017 and 31/10/2017 (Donation Period):

a) receive an email or other form of written communication from the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) or a Rugby Union Club who is registered with the ARU and who has accepted the Terms of Participation for the Grassroots Program (Rugby Club);

b) obtain a promotional code online here and

c) call 1300 500 001 (for Consumer customers) or 1300 860 371 (for Business customers) and quote the Promotional Code to sign up to a Vodafone $30 $40 or $100 SIM Only 12 month plan, or $50, $60 or $80 Data or Global SIM Only 12 month plan, or $30, $40 or $100 Red Plan month to month with a 12, 24 or 36 month Mobile Payment Plan, or $50, $60 or $80 Data or Global Red Plan month to month with a 12, 24 or 36 month Mobile Payment Plan, or $50, $60 or $80 Red QBR Plan month to month with a 12, 24 or 36 month Mobile Payment Plan, or $60, $80 or $100 Red Business Plan 24 month plan (‘Eligible Plans’). Min monthly spend is $30, $40, $50, $60, $80, $100 (for the $30, $40, $50, $60, $80, $100 plans respectively) minus where applicable Red Discount for Red Plans, plus applicable handset or device costs.

3. Early Exit Fees will apply to SIM Only 12 month plans only and are = 50% of Min Monthly Spend x months remaining on contract plus any applicable handset or device costs.

4. If a customer cancels their Red Plan, MPP will be automatically cancelled and 100% of remaining MPP instalments will be applied to your next bill.

Donations to Rugby Clubs
a) The exact value which will be given to each Rugby Club (‘Donation’) will vary depending on the type and volume of Eligible Plans which are attributable to each Rugby Club during the Donation Period.

b) Only connections made during the Donation Period will be eligible for the purposes of calculating the final Donation to each Rugby Club. Further, in the event that a connection to an Eligible Plan is cancelled before the end of the Donation Period, the applicable Donation that corresponds to that Eligible Plan will be forfeited.

c) The Donation for new customers signing up to a month to month Red plan or Red QBR plan with a 24 or 36 month Mobile Payment Plan or 24 Month Red Business plan during the Donation Period = 100% of one month’s plan fees. Donation for existing customers upgrading to a month to month Red plan or Red QBR plan with a 24 or 36 month Mobile Payment Plan or 24 Month Red Business plan during the Donation Period = 50% of one month’s plan fees.

d) Donation for new customers signing up to a SIM only 12 month plan or month to month Red plan with a 12 month Mobile Payment Plan during the Donation Period = 50% of one month’s access fees. Donation for existing customers upgrading to a SIM only 12 month plan or month to month Red plan with a 12 month Mobile Payment Plan during the Donation Period = 25% of one month’s plan fees.

e) Donation only available to Rugby Clubs and may be provided in any form the ARU considers fit, which may include cash, fundraising equipment, sports equipment and/or other goods. The ARU’s decision in this regard is final and no correspondence as to the final Donation amounts for each Rugby Club or the ARU’s chosen form of redemption will be entered into.

f) For existing customers signing up a second service, Donation only be available on the second service during Donation Period.

1 month free plan fees
The plan fees discount is applied as a once-off credit beginning on your next bill. Min monthly spend for month 1 is any applicable handset or device costs. Min monthly spend from month 2 onward is Min Monthly Spend plus applicable handset or device costs. This offer is not transferrable or redeemable for cash. Subject to change.