Re-routed calls.

Re-routed calls are outgoing calls that divert after connecting to alter the call type from the number dialled. For example, if you call a standard national number and it diverts to a standard international call, the call has been re-routed. Re-routing is commonly used with international calling cards and 190 premium service numbers.

How re-routed calls are charged.

Re-routed call costs vary depending on your service. You can check the re-routed call rates and inclusions for you plan through My Vodafone.

For some re-routed calls, higher call rates may apply.

Additional information.

  • For some re-routed numbers, we’ll play a recorded announcement before your call is connected to let you know that higher call rates may apply.
  • Some third party providers of re-routed call services may make claims about the charges that will apply to Vodafone customers. These may not be correct so you should always check your plan’s terms and conditions.
  • Due to technical limitations, and as access numbers for re-routed call services change regularly, some re-routed calls may be charged as a standard landline or mobile call. However, if we detect a new re-routed number and add it our list, it will no longer be charged as a standard call.
  • If your plan doesn't specify a rate for re-routed calls, they’ll be charged as a standard mobile or landline call. If you’re thinking of changing plans, and you use re-routed numbers, make sure you check the new plan details to see if they’re charged differently.